MvC3 General Strategy thread


So with Preppy’s approval… let’s get a general theory fighting thread going. A place to discuss matchups, character strengths and weaknesses, and team building, away from the console wars and whining and general non-gameplay stuff filling up the General Discussion thread.

This IS
A thread to discuss character and team matchups in a general setting. Who beats who, why, and what the loser can do to work around that.

This is NOT
-A place to cry for character nerfs. You can call someone OP
-A place discuss anything other than Player vs Player teams, matchups, and strategy. We don’t care how well you can fight the CPU, or whether you think Iron Man looks better in Red or Blue armor.




Dormammu feels like Dhalsim + Blackheart combined.


I agree, Dorm seems insane… although a bit weird to adjust to since he doesn’t have a standard fireball or beam tool that most keepaway characters have. Who have y’all been pairing him with? I’m having a bit of trouble fighting teleporters with him. Seems like a good Wesker beats him clean right now.


As a note, before this thread hits 100 pages … theory fighting is a means discuss the game as it is, rather than how you want it. Theory fighting is not “Sent needs nerfed” it’s “I think Team X/Y/Z could make Sentinel cry robot tears, because _______.”


People with teleports are the bane of every keepaway character. Assists like Haggar’s Lariat are valuable, just like Trish’s and his puddle of fire (down + B I believe) for controlling space, even if they get first hit from the teleport on you the fire will stop the combo.
Also, M.O.D.O.K shield assists is pretty cool, since you’re completely invincible if you fight on top of it, plus being a keepaway character himself you get a nice addition to the team.

However, for keepaway teams, nothing beats the cheapness of Doom’s hidden missiles.


Wouldn’t a teleporting character be able to maneuver around the missiles though.

For example take Wesker and his fixed teleports

1 2 3

Doom launches missiles, Wesker teleports to position 3 and starts his combo, the missiles come back on screen, Wesker then teleports to position 2 avoiding the missiles targeted at location 3 and continues his combo from a new area. Timing is retardedly high but should be possible no?


The combo won’t continue… sure Wesker might reset it, but he’s still forced to disengage in order to dodge the missiles. It’s situational, but still useful.

Oh, since I see people complaining about him a lot, anyone have any anti-Sent strats they’d like to share?


I’m pairing him with defense/offense kind of chars like Wesker, Doom, Sent… I can’t decide which two to pair him up with. Dormammu can go ape shit with teleport mix ups into some heavy damage. His OTG’s are good. I have not even tapped into using Creation/Destruction spells yet. He definitely needs some extra down time to charge those up, but I think he has enough tools to deal with people in his face.

And if people keepaway Dormammu at the end, he still has homing Yoga Catastrophe that chips for like 40% with Xfactor if you have one and KFC into a second one.


I thought they were pretty strong when I first saw them used too. But the problem with hidden missiles is Doom stays out for a long time while he fires them, making the assist way more punishable than most. He’s an easy target the second you lose the keepaway game.


There isn’t that much to look at for, combos are just a pain in the ass to learn and memorize. Akuma is disappointingly slow but I just don’t give a crap about any Capcom balancing anymore. Sent could get annoying but I would prefer other characters to get buffed instead. There are only two things, melee or projectile, the worst that could happen is a team of projectiles versus some slow melee only character.


I decided pretty firmly after finally playing the game that I want Trish and Sent at my 2 and 3 spot. I played team Duc (Spiral Cable Sent) in MvC2, and Trish seems like she?s got a lot of fun lockdown components going on to quell my Spiral withdrawl.

The hard part was deciding on a point. I arrived at Wesker ultimately, especially in light of the Andre Lambert vid where he shows that he and Trish have some cheap setups together. Though when I put the vid on, my comp was acting all screwy so I could hear it, but the vid was too choppy to actually see the setups. So if anyone wants to share what those are that would be great. But knowing they exist works for me LOL (I?m assuming its combining well timed peekaboo assists with teleports)

The other points I liked for the team were Zero and Skrull. Zero because he just seems good in general both to rush and run and Skrull because Sent and Trish?s assists seem like they could set up a lot of Skrull?s command throws. So I?m wondering, can anyone here make a good strategic case for why Wesker, Zero, and/or Super Skrull either do or do not compliment Trish and Sent? I?m pretty sure Wesker is getting the nod for all his teleporty goodness, but before deciding for sure, I wanted to see what you guys thought about it. Thanks!

PS. If your answer is ?don?t use any of those on point, use _______!!? I am open to that, but if that is your answer, please explain why strategically. Also, I?m not too interested in using Dante, even if he is very good.


It’s seems very good to have trish and sent as backway, now it depends on who you’re playing against but I’d def go with wesker as front man, reasons? He has decent health (I believe andre mentioned) ,he’d would be a good fit for most cases bc of his teleports. He’s able to get in and out of situations and his hyper 1 connect with anything really. It’d take some time to get a serious in depth strategy but it seems pretty solid having trish’s traps to keep them from getting in and sent’s drone to lock them so you can move in for pressure. The only thing the team doesn’t really have is the lack to punish other assists wich may be important against strong assists like chuns kick or dante’s jamsession since they stay out for so long.

I’m been thinking a lot about mainy Wesker and sent so I’m throw in trish and see how she does. (andre trap setup was sweet too hehe)

PS: same here I like dante and might test him out but I’d rather play someone like wesker. Dante is every fucking where lol.


I think Wesker lends himself better to that sort of team. On point the teleport shenanigans can help with your trapping game, while with Zero on point you’d mostly be playing a weird rushdown team that has trouble getting in ( although some cool settups with Zero’s :f::h: and drones/trap assists for maintaining pressure ). Skrull seems like he’d have trouble getting in at all with that sort of team, since his air dash is weird and the teleport attack is unsafe. He doesn’t have anything particularly strong for a trish/sent assist trap game either as far as I can tell.


That’s my thoughts exactly. Wesker can’t get hit like that. Where as Zero’s highspeed dash thing is no where near as good as a teleport because he can still get hit while he does it. So for me Zero wouldn’t work as well , On the other hand Super-skrull might work even though grabs don’t work on block stun meaning if you have sentinels drones locking him down you can’t command grab him while he’s blocking the drone, you can input the command grab right as the last drone hit so as soon as he recovers from hit’s stun the grab is already on it’s way to greet him :slight_smile: (I believe that’s called a frame trap or something I’m not good with terms lol). I can see how this strategy can frustrate people as you can do it both on ground and air and it has superb range. Though the only thing is that you have to start up close to them as sentinel drones will push them back if they’re not already in a corner. But me I just wavedash cancel into the freacking grab haha (scroll has a fast wave dash but you only have to do 2 since 1 covers a good distance very fast anyway)


Wesker/Trish/Sent is nice

Wesker: Teleport w/ drones gives you lol left/right mixup. Best assist is Samurai Edge, gives you unbloxables everywhereeee. OTGs, which helps Trish get more damage off her combos (j.s knockdown, call wesker + low voltage xx max voltage).

Trish 2nd gives you a fairly safe dhc if shit goes wrong. Not terribly meter dependent, builds it well.

Trish: With Wesker assist you get silly unblockable setups. The two also dhc decently into each other. Sent drones helps her both zoning and rushing. Pretty much all her assists are good, Peekaboo/Hopscotch for help w/ AA, Low Voltage for more zoning ability.

Sent: … self-explanatory :stuck_out_tongue: Combine w/ Wesker assist for lol.


Here’s a team I was messing around with last night and had good results with.

I used Iron-man as front just because he has speed/fast wavedashes (so I get in close), air dash into his normals comes out very fast specially his kick one, once I get them with chun assist I’m able to either airdash into a combo or just super them from across the screen. I feel his a decent rush but more of a keep away and OTG without assist is always a plus hehe

Chun: I don’t really have a solid strategy with her yet but I mainly used her in this team as assist and as a rush down and to build meter for when storm comes out. I don’t think storm whirlwind help her to get in but iron man repulsor blast help her to keep the opponent busy while I airdash and attack them from the other side. I usually choose not to use it because it stay out to long and I can get punish easily, so I usually choose Iron-man’s unibeam instead and use it with storm’s whirlwind to punish other assist that tries to block me out (if they’re out long enough, lol).

Storm: I def love her in this team, very fast, use her as both rush down and keep away. Once I build enough meter with the Iron and chun I usually bring her out to deal chip, lol. Again I use iron unibean to punish assist and chun kick ass hit confirm for my icicle super lol.
I usually leave her for last so I can use her icicle with XFC.
any tips to make this teams stronger are welcome
I actually just switch from pad to a square gate fightsticks and quarter circles are slightly weird but I’ll match anyone


What to do against “players” that run run run run run projectile run run run run projectile run run (Then I assist)hyper combo run run. run?
OR another sequence where they run but I still beat 2 of their 3 characters then fight sentinel who is in x-factor mode and get proectiled to death n hyper combo’d for HUGEEEE DAMAGE? What would you do?

Everything is new now but I will get better as time goes by. I was good in MVC2(spiderman,ryu,guile) I’m thinking I’m gonna have to rethink my characters for this game (thor, hulk, dante or deadpool, wolverine, iron man)


What team are you running?

Prayer. And lots of running away until x-factor wears off.


I’m in between teams, but my characters are mainly chun/akuma/Morrigan/Trish/Phoenix/hsien ko. less and x-23 and almost never ammy… Of course i’ll also random select all 3 random games to try out other characters…

I have a good handle on most characters, but there’s one character that I just can’t beat… and it’s not someone you would expect…

ammy! Argh!, I have no idea what’s going on… all people do is what looks like a ground magic sequence over and over again, with no regard to me blocking, or pushblocking. once they start they just don’t stop. It seems to be a lockdown with no assist needed.

The other thing is, I’m having trouble finding ways to get in. I rely almost completely on dark phoenix, and people whiffing magic series. I can do Some stuff with chun and akuma… but Morrigan/trish/hsienko. how do these characters get inside?