MvC3: Ground Game?

I’m having a huge problem with a friend on mine in Marvel. We only really play eachother, never online, and no matter hard I try, I can’t beat him in the ground game. His normals are faster, more prioritized, always the first to strike. I just can’t beat him on the ground. No matter how or what I block, I can’t punish him, no matter what I use, I can’t beat him. I try to hit him with standing normals, which seem to work, but he does nothing but crouching normals, so I’m always forced to block low.

Please, could someone help me improve normals and ground game? I play this game too much like a SF game.

It would help to know what characters you and him are using. Depending on that, some of your problems my lay there, or if he is just mashing stuff out, that tends to be problematic too.

I must admit, that I rarely stick to a single few characters. I tend to have more fun playing Random All and just dealing with who I’m stuck with. When playing “competitively”, which rarely happens since MvC3 is more of a “fun” game than SSF4 to me is, I tend to play characters like Hulk/Ryu, Deadpool/Hulk, and Spencer. But yes, mostly when I VS. my friend I play random.

Meanwhile, he tends to always lead off with Magneto, followed by any combination of Deadpool, Sentinel, Zero, or Dante. He especially has huge success with Magneto, as it appears that almost all of Magneto’s crouching normals beat everything else.

I’d rather learn a basic, fundamental kind of ground game, rather than specific characters, unless that’s needed. I’d just like to know why it’s such an effort getting into a position where I can actually hit him without being barraged by normals.

I think you have decide if you want to play Marvel competitively or not first; if it is just going to be a ‘for fun’ game to you, than you probably aren’t going to put in the time and work to figure stuff out.

Mmm, I think I misrepresented myself. I don’t mean to say that I am not dedicated or ready to learn how to play at a above-average competitive level, I merely meant to say that I tend to play Marvel to have fun. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I have recently hit a wall with my friend to the point where he can win 9 times out of 10, even though I used to beat him and other friends 20 times in a row.

I really just want to become a better all-around player, as it has become obviously apparent that I have not progressed in skill or proficiency in the months following release.

Then don’t fight him in a ground game.

You might be thinking “that’s a real bitch way to deal with the matchup”, but it’s no different from any other fighting game. If X is godlike in the corner, you don’t let him corner you. If X has a deadly 50/50 mixup up close, you don’t let him get close.

Don’t just sit there and play your opponent’s game, make him play your game. Take to the air. Zone him.

Some characters just can’t be beat up close, and some characters just lack the tools to win at that range. You’re almost never going to beat Wesker as Arthur in a ground game.

I hear you, man, but…

it’s just going be really hard for you to get better against your friend with that attitude, especially when it sounds like he is learning the ins and outs of Mags. Sleazoid give good advice, but it’s really not going to help you much if you just insist on going random every time. The MvC3 characters are too diverse to just use one general strategy, so again, you are going to have to make a decision about how competitive you want to be with your friend. If it’s truly just for fun, keep going random and deal with the losses, don’t drive yourself nuts about it.

Just for a hint, when cornered, try and put space in between you and him when you can. Make sure you know how to use the pushback (Advancing Guard) feature to push him off you and fight some of the pressure game. Advancing guard really kills a rushdown strat from my experience, but I may not have been up against a lot of players who know how to do a proper rushdown. That’s a good general tactic you can use.

However, like AmishOpiate said, his guy sounds like he’s trying to learn the ins and outs of Magneto, which means he learns what moves Mags can use beats out other stuff. You don’t have to get technical or pro and learn frame data like that, but when you stick to certain characters and kinda learn to use them, you’ll get your game up. Random select is fun, but it won’t help you get better in general. Plus, I’m not going to put up the chance I might accidently get MODOK. Some people may like him, but he’s not my kind of character, and he’s usually gets beat out in a lot of instances.

So find a character, or characters you like, and learn to use them together. I love Dormammu, but am struggling to find a decent team to use him with, please I don’t think he’s the best lead character in most instances, but I am loving his projectile destroying medium attacks. Currently, I’m pairing him with Doom and either Iron Man, Wesker, or Akuma. Just find what works best for you. You’ll find something eventually.

This sounds like a case of using characters you don’t really know and not knowing how to poke with them. Seems like the major thing is you need to pick a team and really stick with it, and learn how to open people up with that team.

It’s probably because everything is happening really, really fast. SF4 footsie fundamentals are directly applicable, it’s just that they’re on crack.

Thanks for all the advice in this thread, I’ve taken all of it in and have begun beating him a lot more. Still deciding on my 100% dedicated team but I’ll handle that.

Well duh, it comes down to speed or priority, if you know you can’t land a move in time you’ll block or go for a counter grab, not that there is one in MvC3. If you see a crouching normal and in your mentality your only option is to block, well you have a long way to go.