MvC3 Help choosing a main and Basic team

So I’ve been messing around in training mode and I find characters I like, but when I come here and see the “basic bnb’s” i get a little intimidated at the number of inputs so I’m at a loss for who to pick. Also does anyone know what the basic team structure to be?
Is it something reminiscent of FFXIII’s “Best Party” Fang (Defender took lots of hits, did massive damage, but slow) -> Hope(more of a ranged character and extremely frail) -> Light (basic character average in each area and overall point)

Basic concept for Marvel in general is your 3rd character is your assist character.

You don’t want your main assist character to be your 2nd for the fact that your 1st could die at any time. Not only that but if they are bleeding you want them more time to recover the red health.

Your 2nd character should be able to get into the match safely through DHC.

Marvel 3 is still new so this isn’t super terrible important yet, but I’m sure it will be in the future.

In Marvel 2 a raw tag was always a :nono:. because that means one free combo, and if you played anyone good that one combo will kill you.

In Marvel 3 I still see a lot of people get hit with random raw tags, but in a few months that shouldn’t be happening anymore.

Some other things that you should look for in building a team is

  • 2nd character super combos with 1st character. You don’t want to start a combo then DHC in your 2nd and have his/her super not connect.

  • Your assist compliment your point character. Your point character essentially setup how you play the game. Whether you rush down or play defensive your assist should make that job a lot easier.

Basic BNB in this game is extremely easy. Most characters BNB has a 3 hit or 4 hit rhythm so that should help you break down the combos.

Example is like

LMHS (The S is the launch) then MMHS (relaunch) MMHS or something of that nature.

Every character is different some use qcf or qcb somewhere in the MMHS string. Some characters is MMHS some are MMHLS or LMHS, but it isn’t really that hard there is essentially only 4buttons.

Once you get the basic BNB down you can start to explore assist that OTG so you can create your own BNB.

thanks for the info btw
in the dante forum’s they list is isedelica combo first so i figured that was his bnb and it looks complicated

Those are great tips, ckrazy. Do you have any tips on a good place to start? (like a balanced team to learn first)

This thread in the MvC3 section is a good start (read the stickies! help us help you!)

Not only does it have a bunch of teams people have put together (and what others think of them), but a list of questions you should consider when making a team. Also, go buy the Official Guide. It has a ton of good information regarding character goals.

Thanks for the help guys, before I was just picking characters I liked without seeing if they had any synergy, and I also never use my assist. I was pretty much playing a combo happy KOF game lol

I see what you did there.

Sentinel refrence oh how I hated him back in MvC2, but my answer to him is now Amaterasu

If you’re still picking your characters, I would highly suggest throwing Sentinel in there. Simply put, he is the best character in the game by a wide margin. He’s easy to play, hard to kill, effective at all ranges, and has a good assist to boot. There is no reason not to pick him. Even if you decide to drop him for non-gameplay related reasons (maybe you get tired of endless mirror matches) the knowledge and experience you gain will be invaluable because every single good player you face up against will be playing him against you. So yeah, pick Sentinel and two characters that go well with him.

I wouldn’t go all that far.

Look at those health totals and damage output on level 3 KFC again. He really is in there for the beginner player, from top to bottom. His main catch is the same as it was in MvC2, but it’s quite a bit easier to keep people out this go around.

No diss though.

That really didn’t address my argument at all.

Sent isn’t so strong that there is no reason not to include him on a team.

No offense intended, while I value your opinions, I HATE Sentinel and REFUSE to use him after seeing what everyone else does with him I have no plans to use him, I cant stand Level 3 XF Sentinel, and seeing as how I’m more of a rushdown player Sentinel doesn’t fit my style too wel

Sentinel is not the best character in MvC3. Yes, he is easy and yes, he crushes scrubs, but all of his armored normals are baitible, and there are several other characters who kill in one hit who have an easier time getting that hit in.

Although you can win more easily with Sent, you’d get a greater level of satisfaction if you knew you didn’t need a character like him and still beat the shit out of people, including other Sent users. I’d say, learn the sent matchup and learn how to counter everything he can do, this way you’ll be playing beyond their level.

The fact that Sentinel is not a perfect character does nothing to change the fact that he is still the best character in the game (for now at least). Yes, you can bait Sentinel players into sticking out unsafe normals. That is a weakness of those players, not Sentinel as a character. Yes, there are characters that arguably have better tools for getting in, but are they as dangerous from long range? Sentinel is the full package. He’s dangerous all the time, from everywhere in the screen, and his easy combos reduce the chance of mistakes in a stressful tournament environment. If you are a serious MVC3 player, you need to learn how to play as Sent (even if the only reason is so that you can learn his weaknesses and how to exploit them).

For a beginner, no character is more rewarding in the long term to learn as Sentinel, because as I said even if you drop him the experience you get from playing him will still be very useful. Now maybe you just don’t want to play Sentinel. That’s fine, but it’s a personal choice that you made based on factors unrelated to the game itself. From an efficiency standpoint of getting the most wins from the time spent, Sentinel is the correct choice. The moment we start talking about “satisfaction” or such, the discussion is rendered futile because different people find different things to be satisfying. We could get into an endless argument about whether Vanilla Sagat is “fun” or “satisfying” to play, but we can at least agree that he’s hella strong and hard to beat.

If you’re relatively new to the game and intimidated by combos, focus on a team that can trap or punish. Morrigan is a good choice for both styles, because she’ll build meter and can help you learn about trapping & zoning, as well as basic rushdown. Ryu is a good basic character with an instant punishing super, and Tron would be a decent third choice since she’s pretty easy to play and has a nice assist, plus her supers combo into each other very easily. Ryu and Tron both benefit greatly from meter building. So, Ryu/Tron/Morrigan is something I would suggest to start you off.

Alternately, you could try more of a trap team like Arthur/Doom/Morrigan, or throw Dormammu in there. I feel like this style does not teach you as much about fighting games, but at least it will improve your zoning. The other style will teach you more about basic combos and timings. Rushdown is only one part of MvC3.

Lastly, make sure you pick a team that you like. You’ll improve much faster with a “pet” team than you will with some random characters that a guy on the internet suggested.

So far my team is Amaterasu (cold star), Zero (Shipuuga or Ryuenjin), and Captain America (Shield Slash) any criticism/advice?

Zero/Ameterasu is a good pairing. Zero builds meter with Ameterasu’s assist, and Ameterasu can then use that meter.

Third should be an assist/anchor.

Like Sent.

Can anyone suggest a character besides sentinel?