MvC3 Help Taking the offensive

So I’m mostly a SSF4 player (Abel) But I’ve recently been playing some marvel and having some trouble with a few things. I cant really figure out what i am supposed to do in terms of zoning and my offensive game i guess you would call it. I’m current;y running Dante Dormammu Hulk (No I don’t want your opinion on my team, its temporary) I can do some pretty basic combos with all of them, at least 2 decent combos per character, but i cant always get them out. I cant seem to get back on the offensive if i lose it. Like what do i need to look for in terms of an opening to start dealing some damage? Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance for the help!

Do you use advancing guard?
I find that pretty awesome in creating some space, although the use of it will vary with play styles.
Once you have space, if they rushdown, more often than not you will have an opening soon. If not, try a projectile attack as compared to rushing in (if you have time and space, such as gamma wave or whatever dormammu or dante use) or a jump-in combo…
Hope that helps :smiley:
(i should say, I’m not much of a rushdown player myself, so the info above will be a good start point, but take rushdown player’s views over my own)

Yeah one of my buddies says to use it more, which i have been trying, but his dante and chris still just keep me pinned down, I’ll definately giev it more of a shot though, thanks!