MVC3. How do I use character with poor attack range?

I’m currently using Viewtiful Joe as my point character, and it seems that WHENEVER I attempt to start my offensive the opponent retaliates not by guarding but by also starting their offensive.

And using a character with such short limbs as Joe, this almost always results in them winning the trade off.

I’ve attempted to compensate for Joe short limbs using Tron Bonnes flame torch assist and use that as cover. However the assist does not teleport directly in the opponents face, and this means I still need to travel additional distance to reach the opponent, and whilst traveling this distance they just beat me out with their higher priority attacks.

It seems that nobody but myself defends in this game, and it’s really frustrating because then to an inexperienced player such as myself it just becomes about whos character has the best priority moves.

Any attempts to dash in on ground are out priorotised, and the same applies for when i attempt to use attack from above.

The only thing that works now and again is red hot kick spam, I follow up medium red hot kick with a dash into an aerial attack and a heavy red hot kick into mach speed…

However the second the opponent catches on to what i’m doing, i’m out of attack plans. If I attempt to stuff their high priority attacks with projectiles, they usually just switch to using their higher priority projectiles too. It seems I just can’t win.

Any advice?

Oh and I pretty much typed this entire thing up in a stream of counciousness, so forgive me if it’s not the most grammatically correct lol.


I was told to forget pretty much everything I knew about Street Fighter when it came to this game, but i’m not sure if that was an exagerration or not…

Are anti airs as effective and vital in this game as they are in SSFIV?

I don’t think Viewtiful Joe is really meant to be rushdown, his moveset appears to indicate that he is more of a keepaway archetype.

Super projectiles (Desperado) almost always completely beat out regular projectiles. The MvC3 guide advises you to use Desperado to punish those who try to nullify your Voomerang. It also advises you to fill the screen with projectiles to be annoying, using Shocking Pink M together with Voomerang L to constantly apply the threat of Shocking Pink’s explosion. I would also suggest pairing VJ up with a good projectile assist like Taskmaster Aim Master H or Doom Plasma Beam to help assert control.

I’m not sure if you know this, but Voomerangs become homing and multi-hitting when they are charged up (and as you can see with Phoenix, homing projectiles are extremely annoying). Simply find an area your opponent cannot exert control over (probably super jump height, few characters can control that area), charge up one or two Voomerangs, and try to mount an offensive while they are occupied with dealing with it.

I do not know if VJ’s dash can be crouch cancelled (it probably can, afaik only Doom and Hulk cannot), but when you dash in you could also try to simply crouch cancel it and bait out an attack from your opponent. Moves that whiff are very unsafe, their recovery is usually long enough for you to dash in and punish, and they can only be cancelled into specials/supers/XF (which you can again bait out by dashing and then crouch cancelling).

Whiff punish is the key for many teams who lack the ability to start a BnB from long distances.

Anti-airing is very important, imo. When you jump or superjump, your character cannot turn around in the air. If you are a character who lacks a normal that hits under or behind you (like Sentinel), the enemy can simply run under you, and then swat you out of your attack with standing A… and then juggle you into their BnB.

And yes, forget what you know from SF4. Marvel is more about controlling space.

That’s my take on it, anyway. Could be totally wrong.