MvC3 - How do you move around in the air so freely?


Hi guys, so im new to mvc3 and wow is it completely diff to any fighter ive played! i have absolutely no idea about the game, even though ive been playing SF all my life, i didn’t even know how to do a hyper combo in this one until i read the manual haha

so here’s my question, how do you guys move so freely in the air? in the vids i see, people are flying round the air in all directions and manage to evade projectiles.

I play my brother and we’re both terrible at the game, but when he chooses arthur, it’s a guaranteed OCV. the spears, the spinning sword and the yellow orb thing are too much for me. I can’t manouver my characters in the air past his projectiles.

so what do you do? how do you do it?

I can jump and dash in the air, but i just fall right into the barrage of spears. ive tried walking up, blocking, walking up, blocking, but the chip damage and push back dont make this viable.

any help?


What characters are you playing, it will help us give you character specific tips to improve your game.


Sorry, I should have mentioned in the OP.

To be honest i dont really play anyone, i just play random 3 and just see what I can do. But, i guess i like ryu, wolverine and chun li, only because they’re kinda easy to play and to combo their hypers in.

Like I said, if im on one end of the screen, my brother is just non stop barraging me with projectiles as arthur and i can never jump over them to reach him. it’s guaranteed OCV.


Pick an assist or character with a decent beam to power through the projectiles. Iron Man, Doom, and Sentinel come to mind.

If not that, then pick someone with a teleport to completely negate the zoning game, like Deadpool, Dormammu, or Dante.

Barring that, you can also use flight mode to evade a lot of the projectiles, since the only thing that Arthur has that can combat fliers is Golden Armor’ed crossbow bolts, to a certain extent.

TL;DR version: Beams, teleports, flight, super jumps combined with air dashes to get around projectiles.


ok thanks for the help cryoh.

i just tried magneto in training and saw that flying mode that you menioned. it looks pretty powerful so ill try and make use of that.


Alright, nope, still getting OCV’d by Arthur. If he jumps and does his spears/yellow orb/spinning sword thing in the air, along with it on the ground, I can’t get over to him. It’s too many projectiles.

It’s the straight spear (two of them), the yellow orb, the spinning sword AND Magneto assist with the beam. I cannot get close to him at all. I can’t fly over it, I can’t walk through it through the block strings, I teleported with Wesker, but got hit and kept getting pushed back. I literally can’t do anything when I’m locked down. I call assist, but they’re just getting hit and their life is depleting.

I don’t know how to explain it. It’s literally my brother in one corner of the map doing NOTHING else by throwing projectiles at me. That’s all he’s doing and I can’t do anything about it. I can’t fly over, the moment I stop blocking I get hit by some projectile all the while my health is going so low because the chip damage on the spears is so damn high.

I jump, he jumps and throws the spinning sword or the yellow beam. If I’m on the ground it’s all the projectiles. Once he accidentally hits X factor, I’m dead in 10 seconds.

Street Fighter has its share of bull$hit, but this is ridiculous.


SF has bullshit? But it’s not ridiculous, you just haven’t learned how to get around it yet. It’s called practice and experience and learning the game. Spamming projectiles nonsensically with no purpose other than to chip people out is as scrubby of a tactic as spamming DP in SF4 is, and just as easily defeated.


Except in SF, when you block a shoryuken, the opponent is open for huge damage. When you block Arthur+assist projectiles…you can’t do anything except block the next set of projectiles…

Again, I’ve tried flying, I’ve tried teleporting, neither of them seemed to work. Air projectiles just shut you down.

And what happens if I want to play a character that doesn’t have flying/teleport mobility? I want to go back to Ryu and Chun Li? They’re completely ****ed in this situation.


Ryu’s got a damned good answer with meter: blow through his projectiles with Shinkuu Hadoken. Build it with Morrigan assist, since she’ll still give meter if she gets tagged. Storm also handily beats Arthur’s projectiles with hers - she has amazing priority.

Even though it seems like Arthur covers mad area with his projectiles, he can’t provide a perfect field of defense to cover both the ground and air perfectly. If he’s meeting you in the air with lances and shit, he’s taking a calculated risk of you not going in low. This might sound real taboo to you, but I highly recommend recording trouble Arthur projectile patterns in training mode to practice defeating them.


^^ I might give it a shot later on. Don’t know, depending if I’ll go out tonight or not.

Ryu Shinku only works if you have meter. Building meter takes forever while I’m just sitting there taking chip over and over + Morrigan will get hit too.

I’ll play the game a little more but I think I’m done with this game, I might just delete the game.

Not really finding it fun. If I wanted to play a game based on gimmicks, I’d fire up mortal kombat.


don’t forget your super jump.

you’ll clear the screen in 1 leap.
just make sure you either had an assist out to cover you while you’re super high up, or you have a good setup for when you come down. not all chars have an air dash.


as far as your team goes keep wolverine and ryu, but not chun since we are trying to help you in counter pick his team like everyone said go with a beam character (just someone with a good range assist) now heres a basic strat with ryu involving his shinku hadoken. Throw a normal hadoken as a bait if your brother tries to throw a assist to help Arthur project tile game you can hear the announcer say crossover attack or hear the assist in general but as soon as you hear it just cancel that normal hadoken into shink hadoken. Its kinda gimmicky but in the end i think your brother will at least respect ryu if its called in.


Alright, i figured something out. it’s not the best strat but its something.

i super jump with magneto, activate fly, go over head towards him, then do the qcb+attack and it does some weird orb that drags him to me. once we’re up close and personal, i beat his arthur easily.

ok ok, so i figured something out and am not as frustrated anymore. I also did the ryu thing and it does work too, but i only feel confident if i have a lot of hyper to shut him down.

that arthur porjectiles is the single most annoying thing ive played in a game. i still don’t see how characters like hulk will be able to do anything against it though. no air dash, no fly, nothing…


YouTube - Marn vs Nerdjosh FT10 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Part 1

that may be of interest to you.


Somebody hasn’t played a good MODOK yet…

But Hulk isn’t really MEANT to get in on it. I mean it’s possible, but it’s unbelievably difficult without appropriate assists and good timing. Keepaway > Heavies, Heavies > Rushdown, Rushdown > Keepaway as a general rule if you know what you’re doing.


Tell your brother to go online. See how people deal with it.

If he goes 50-0 online then you know it’s a solid strategy but if not take some notes.


arthur cant cover the area directly upforward from him very well

you can honestly just jump right in

watch his patterns and wait for a ground spear or dagger. once he does that he cant jump. so if he throws 3 daggers on the ground he has until all 3 finish before he can block you jumping or super jumping.


I can’t seem to super jump. Say im crouch blocking, then i press up he does a regular jump, but if i go from crouch to stand to crouch then up only then he super jumps. is this normal? its annoying because you have such a small window to jump from all the projectiles and doing that crap wastes time and i ususally get hit.


Yes, that’s how super jumps work. You can’t hold down then go to up. It has to be a quick down then up.