MvC3: How to get a punch in?

I’ve been playing MvC3 for a while now, absorbing the strat guide and watching countless youtube videos. I can pull off some pretty decent combos and feel pretty confident once I get a string going.

But none of that matters really, because I can’t get the most basic of ideas down.

I can’t get in a punch for the life of me. I can block all day and all night, but the absolute nano second that I stop blocking to go on offense I get taken into a combo string into infinity and beyond.

How do you see, or create, openings? I feel so incredibly pressured into blocking that I’m absolutely terrified to go on the offense, often getting perfected because of not knowing when to strike. I don’t have much problem against the AI, but when it’s a real person you can forget about it.

Is it something mental? Confidence? Or are there key things I’m just not seeing to let me press the attack?

I don’t know if anyone can help you unless you post your team(s). Say for sentinel, you pretty much play a footsy game until you catch an opponent off guard while with magneto you just straight up rush down and do tri dash mixups. It’s different for every character and dependent on different assists.

X-23 is the character I feel the most confident with. I’ll use ammy’s shot as an assist and feint in. Every once in a blue moon I’ll get a combo in that way, but if I whiff it, it’s back to blocking and praying I can get an assist called in.

well tbh, I don’t know anything about any of those characters lol. In this game tho, you just have to take risks sometimes. You are often actually punished for having to continuously block. Sometimes you just gta go for the risky thing like holding forward and heavy to grab while your opponent is swinging. You can reduce the risk of these situations by covering yourself with assists. I would recommend visiting the character threads for your characters and look at guides for them to find good way to approach. I know she has a nice range command grab and she has some dirty fast mixups as well as an invincible level 1 super and a really good level 3.

Easy. Call assist first that allows you to mix the opponent up. Assists help create openings.

you can always add wesker and use his counter… or when you get knocked down call a assist and roll to the
other side, that my mixup strategy

If you know what moves leave the opponent vulnerable long enough to get a hit in, block normal and punish when they do that. If you’re just starting, it’ll be a bit before you start to have a little mental catalog of what to watch for. Until then, if they’re attacking on you, pushblock to give you some space. With a little space, you can start to work on getting in on your terms.

Common main ways of getting in and starting your attack:
-Normal jump height, qcf+L for the downward talon dive
-Normal or super jump height, qcf+M or qcf+H to avoid the opponents stuff and d+H for the straight down attack right on their head. Very hard to beat out, gives you plenty of time to continue the attack or start mixups. If you’re good enough, practice cancelling the d+H attack on hit or block into a qcf+L; more damage on hit, and safer on block than the d+H by itself.
-qcf+L on the ground. Best if used with an assist so you’ll have time to fully charge the qcf+L. On hit, it staggers the opponent, giving you tons of time to continue the combo. On block, you’re at a pretty serious frame advantage, meaning you have time to start with mixups, usually a low M attack or the qcb+M jumping mirage feint for high attacks. Using the qcb+H mirage feint to get to the other side is usually too slow to be effective.

If you get a hit, follow through with the combo. If not, no worries, just keep the pressure on. The real fun happens when they’re cornered. Your overhead mirage feints will work better, along with just repeated jump d+H’s low to the ground will lock a lot of characters down. The beginnings I mentioned will help get you in, after that, its a matter of mixups, and being able to mix up between high, low, otherside, and qcf+H throw.

Once you get the hit, make damn sure you can reliably combo into DHC trick. You can do it solo off a hit confirmed, fully charged qcf+L, but it’s rare you’ll get the chance. The usual way to do it is a normal air combo, land, call an assist and qcf+M xxdp+AA so the qcf+M hits the opponent OTG, the assist then hits them long enough for the slow weapon X prime to connect. I’m pretty sure Ammy’s Cold Star can be used for this purpose. At the end of WXP, DHC to the appropriate super of the next character and combo away. I don’t know if you can use Ammy for the cold star and then DHC to viel of mist, but definitely try it. The sword combos you can do after that do amazing damage, and will definitely help in turning your one confirmed hit with X-23 into a dead character.

Thank you so much for the help! I’m really wanting to take my beggining game into intermediate territory, but there’s such a huge barrier in that first step. These tips give me an idea of how to get my offense going. It completely changes your frame of mind to know that your oponent isn’t invincible.

Use your assists, they’re there for a reason.

Toodles giving good advice.

Basically the same things said another way:

X-23: jump, qcf+m (the straight air-talon attack) canceled into her d+h when you’re right over your opponent’s head for an ambiguous cross-up. Works pretty well when you’re applying pressure. I also like to jump away from my opponent and immediately get back in with her qcf+L talon (diagonal down). If they block, then start a block string and after your first 2-3 hits use a mirage feint to get on the other side and continue killing. Mix up the neck slice from time to time with her command grab (qcf+H), right from that hit you can otg with a full-charged ankle slice into the Rage Trigger special (qcf+lmh). This is just some stuff to start with. After you can get hits in then work on the mirage feint combos. X-23 is all about confusing your opponent into making mistakes.

An underused move imo is her heavy talon dive (the upward air one). I often use it to get out of corners and get some distance. Plus you can cancel it into her d+H if you condition people into thinking that’s the only thing you do with it.

Do you see what I’m doing there? That’s playing mind games with your opponent. Making them think you’re going to do one thing and then doing another. Get them Psi-Ops going!

X-23 is my personal favorite character, but she’s made of glass. It’s only fair since she’s the fastest character in the game. Her feints are actually faster than wolverine’s berserker slash attack (she’s just not invul during them). Using Ammy with her is a great pairing. Learn to DHC with Ammy’s Mist Vale (the slow down one) and you can continue combos if the opponent’s character is in the air.

I use Spencer as my anchor on the team cause… I mean… ARRMM and all that. He’s just a beast with x-factor and has a wicked overhead attack.

Thanks again guys. I’ve been trying to be more aggressive and throwing in the talon dive and d+h to get in on top of people. I’m finally able to get nose to nose with some folks online, and take out one or two characters before I start getting locked down now. I have developed a really bad habit of mashing light once I get in now since I get pumped that I actually rushed in on someone. Since X-23 can be taken out in one or two combos by most people, I get a little panicky once I’m in close. I think now It’s just a matter of conditioning and confidence.

Quit practicing combos and start practicing set ups