MvC3: How to max out my score? (In the first Arcade Fight)

First, sorry about my bad english, I’m Brazilian. Hehe

So, there’s a MvC3 tournament going on in my town, and the winner will be awarded a brand new PS3 (and believe me, PS3’s are not cheap at all in here).

But, it’s not a usual tournament, like those with brackets and stuff.
It consists in playing the first Arcade Fight on Hard difficulty (as many times as you want) and seeing who gets the highest score.

I’m winning at the moment, with 59,000 points, and i have until next Sunday to max it out, or else someone can pass me by, and they certainly will (the 2nd place has already reached 55k)

The technique I used was picking up Chris, TaskMaster and Doctor Doom, spamming Gun Fire with Chris and calling the assists (Aim Master H. Shot and Plasma Beam) without a break.

Any tips, or teams that I can use next time I go there?

*If I win, I’ll come here and thank each one of you, and of course, post a picture of my new PS3 o

Getting a perfect gets you 50k.

Doing a raw tag gets you 1.5k, up to six times.

I don’t know how else you can increase your score aside from sitting there and blocking, but of course that makes it harder to get a perfect if they decide to chip you.

Well, in this 59k run I got a perfect, but I didn’t tag at all, I just spammed and Hyper Combo’ed with Chris.

So, this means if I tag 6 times I can add 9k to my score?

Do Crossover Combinations give more points than a regular Hyper Combo?

Not sure exactly how the point system works either, but I got 65k before during an arcade fight. I played on Very Hard Mode as well. The way I achieved 65k points (from what I noticed) was basically attacking and blocking. I noticed I got more points for bigger combos comparing my games. I also noticed there are 4 ways to add more points. Basic Defense, Advanced Defense, Basic Offense, Advanced Offense. What I did was I rushed attacked the first cpu opponent trying to input/maximize my combos. Then with the 2nd character, I would just block and let him kill off my 1st character. Then with my 2nd character I would do basically the same (block and advance block, try advance blocking as much as you can). With my last character, I would pwn the remaining 2 characters. I know perfect get you 50k, however you will not earn any points for defense and advanced defense. Hope this will help you in some way. Good Luck…

That makes a lot of sense, I’ll try that out. (The guy in 2nd place got 58,400 points today D:)

I wish I had the game so I could pratice at home, since my 360 was reflashed to stock firmware by Micro$oft I can only play there (at the mall where the tournament is running).

If you (or anyone else) could try this in Hard Difficulty and tell me if it gets the same amount of points as in Very Hard like you got, I would appreciate a lot! -

I’ll test it out in Hard difficulty for you today. I’m going to run a few tests actually. I’ll let you know my results. I would record my game, however my camera is broken atm =/.

Seems like a funky tourney

Yes it is!

When i first went there, I was like: “Wait a minute, why is everyone playing alone? Shouldn’t we be playing against each other? lol”