MvC3: I just learned how scrubby I am


I have played fighting games for years, but locally I only have very scrubby opponents — button mashers, the lot of them. As such, I was never able to gauge my own skill. I had accurate execution, so I figured I was at least decent. I got only XBL for the first time today and got to try my first match against a real (ie non-masher) player. Wow. I have not felt that helpless in a game of any genre for a long, long time.

I ran Spencer/Tron/Felicia; they had Hsien-Ko/She-Hulk/Chris. Obviously, Hsien-Ko immediately gold armoured and switched to She-Hulik.

First thing I learned was that I am really bad at getting in on my opponent. Spencer rarely got a good hit in, and I was so surprised when I did that I failed to combo. Every time this happened, Hsien-Ko would punish me and momentum went back to my opponent. Tron was useful as a defence to Spencer, though my timing was poor with her, so I did not get the best value of the assist. When Tron came in, it was much the same as before, though I had an even harder time getting a poke to connect. Felicia’s assist was surprisingly useless to both Tron and Spencer, and she dropped in seconds after entering the battle.

My defence was poor, having difficulty blocking correctly; never remembered to push guard either. I forgot resources available to me (meter and XF) until it was too late. The only times I successfully countered my opponent’s moves were pure luck (I pressed the wrong button and it happened to be just what I needed). I had great difficulty reading my opponent, as their movement was vastly superior to my own. I never figured out a real strategy to counter anything they did, even after spending hours analysing the match afterwards.

I think I need to scrap my team and re-evaluate how I pick them — probably less character favouritism — and I need better synergy. I clearly need to improve my movement and approach skills, and keep practising BnBs so I do not choke under pressure. What else do I need to do? I knew I would need some work to catch up, but I had no idea such a large gulf separated me from others. This leaves me a little bewildered and lost.


You need to keep working at it with your current team. Spencer is fine enough on point and Felicia(Kitty Helper is godlike too) is a pretty good XF3 anchor. Pair those two with Tron and it is actually a pretty solid team.

Don’t start running to the top tier just yet.


Play more and get bodied more often? It’s impossible to improve otherwise. See, playing against someone better than you has taught you the weaknesses of your team and how you can improve it. Also, I think the more you play Felicia as an anchor the more you will realize what people like Josh Wong have already realized: why play her there when Wesker does pretty much the exact same thing much better?

Spencer is good, but he’s not a contender for top tier and he needs help to get in. He needs a beam assist from Task or Iron Man, or a defensive assist like Tron or Haggar (which means a more defensive approach), or the Akuma Tatsu which can act as both beam and defensive assist. Tron needs even more help to get in, many people overrate her ability on point thanks to her jumping H. Felicia’s Rolling buckle assist just doesn’t cut it as an assist for both. So yeah you need to rethink your team.


This doesn’t have to become a “this character is that character ver. 2.0”-conversation or even a tier-conversation at all. Sure enough Wesker is better but Felicia has unique tricks and is worth playing especially at his level. Any character would struggle against armored Senpuu Bu-assist especially if there’s a skill gap.

You said it yourself, Elric of Grans, you’re still very lacking in almost every department. All you need to do is admit that it’s not yet the team’s fault but yours. I did note in your previous thread that Spencer will need help getting in and Felicia might not have anything for him. If she can’t help him then Tron definitely still does. Just try to adapt a more defensive style and capitalize on Gustaff Fire-hits. My original suggestion was for you to have Spencer/Felicia/Tron. That way both characters get the benefit from Tron. I’m not saying that the other way around isn’t viable. Just wondering have you already experimented on that. There’s still so much you can do before coming to the result that the team is no good.


What does him being A tier instead of S tier have to do with anything?

He could definitely use the help to get in, but that grapple hook of his does plenty to annoy the shit out of people and it is actually pretty good for opening people up. He also has his overhead that works similar to Akuma.

You can use Tron in an offensive team just fine. I’ve seen Tron paired with rushdown like Dante’s and Sentinel’s just fine. Hell, I’ve seen her assist being used with Magneto’s rushdown. Her Gustav flame is so fast that it can be paired pretty well with Rushdown unlike Haggar’s which can’t be thrown out carelessly while constantly moving forward. The utility of the assist is not the only thing that determines how you can apply it and Tron is so fast that it offers extra versatility.

Tron does need helping getting in, but her damage is great and her combos are not terribly hard to master. She is still a decent choice in this game. Not in Ultimate as long as she stays nerfed.

He needs to order his team Spencer/Tron/Felicia with the proper assists and he needs to practice, practice and practice some more. If he drops his teams so quickly just because of synergy he’ll know nothing about how to adapt and the same derp tier characters won’t mean anything in Ultimate.


There are limits to his grapple hook; without an assist supporting him it’s just near impossible for him to get pass the likes of Taskmaster and Wesker that can beat the hook and zone him out all day.

Her damage is great, her combos are not hard to master, but people have been sick and tired of fighting against her and her options have become extremely obvious. And her options are limited. Because of that opening anyone up with her is an uphill task, a task that isn’t suitable for a beginner.

It’s really up to the TC what he wants, does he want to prove to the world that Felicia or Tron are great characters or does he want to win? If he wants to do that former then he can stick to his team, if he wants to do the later there are better teams for him to pick. The whole idea of “you need to stick to your team and get it to work!” isn’t what I will recommend for a beginner, for the simple reason that team building is just as important a fundamental as the skill of doing combos and knowing how to attack/defend. And to me it’s important for beginners to experiment with as many teams as possible and get an idea as to what kind of style he prefers, also as to what works for a team and what doesn’t. Which assist works best for _____? Who DHCs well with _____? Does that assist work well for both of them? Against most teams? There’s no clear “best team” in this game, you need to play them all and see which one is the best team for you.


Thank you for all the views. They have given me a lot to think about.

I had never thought of using Gustaff Fire on approach, only in GTFO. That is an interesting idea to play with. On analysis, I could have also got more out of Rolling Buckler if I had adjusted my strategy to give it more opportunity to shine. I think Felicia could really benefit from a defensive assist too, so swapping Tron and Felicia may be for the best. Felicia is the better anchor, but I lack the skill to use her that way.

I think I have a fair grasp on my style, as I typically prefer mid-ranged characters who rely on their normals, having more utilitarian specials (eg Spencer mainly uses normals, but has his OTG and wall bounce specials; Tron has long-reaching normals and mainly uses specials to link combos). I also tend to like faster-moving characters (Hulk, for example, is painful for me). I like Spencer mainly because of watching Combofiend, to be perfectly honest, though I am also attracted to his simplistic style and unorthodox movement options (both things I tend to prefer having in a character). Tron I like because of her sillyness, but also the simple combos (as mentioned by scytheavatar) made her readily accessible. For Felicia, it was the differences between Felicia and Wesker or Wolverine, as alluded to by Kurdijef, that appealed to me. Obviously, Felicia matches my typical style the least of the three, so if I were to make changes she would be the first I would consider switching.


Have you actually tried Wesker with Spencer like I suggested in another thread? Seriously Wesker and Spencer is one of the best partnership in this game, they DHC extremely well, work well off each other’s assists and both Wesker/Spencer/XXX and Spencer/Wesker/XXX is very good with a ton of assists. You should try Wesker/Spencer/Tron if you want to stick to Tron.


Spencer definetly appreciates a beam assist or aim master support from those wave hooks, actually any projectile assist will suffice and that’s what that team lacks (if you are going to start spencer anyway). Felicia is an excellent anchor, somewhat overlooked potential I wouldn’t trade her not unless you plan on switching spencer to anchor in her place. Personally, I like Spencer/Doom/Felicia because it gives this team more options than Spencer/Tron/Felicia. Tron purpose on the team feels somewhat unneeded to me, not unless you plan on using XF2 to kill a character (which I’d rather save for XF3 Felicia).


You are being very level headed about it, OP. All you need to do is think about minor tweaks instead straight team dumping because it WILL help you build some adaptability. Watching a XF3 Felicia with Kitty Helper is some hilariously scary stuff, but if you think it’d help you to try someone new then give DARK WESKAH that fair chance.

Reorder it for Spencer/Tron/Wesker.



I have used Wesker several times (not with Spencer, admittedly) and did not like him. He is clearly an extremely solid character, but does not fit my play style.

So far, the only win I have scored was due to some weird network issue (my inputs did not always come out, and they only ever stood there and took it). Every other time I have been slaughtered. Even very basic spam strategies have been too much for be to overcome so far (tried several options, but none I tried worked — have more ideas to try next time I face those strategies). I am definitely looking to learn adaptability. The most interesting scenarios I have faces where ones where I needed to try unusual things to see what would work. Not currently planning on dropping any individual, as I have not managed to get any of the three to work in a real match yet (therefore I cannot point at any individual character as `failing’).