MvC3: I need help with picking a third character

I need some help finding a third character for the team I am using. As of right now I am using Tron Bonne (Bonne Strike Assist)/X-23 (Crescent Strike)/Phoenix (TK Trap Assist). It seems that I am trying to make this team utilize the Dark Phoenix Hyper Combo (This is through very rough testing while playing with one of my friends) and I want to replace X-23 from the team. The reason why I want to replace her is because of her Health Bar. I think I have covered most of the necessary information needed to make some type of suggestion.

Oh and I won’t use Sentinel. I know he is good in some teams but I refuse to use him. Just a personal preference.

Just thor + super taunt

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your personal preference is wrong. If you are not playing to win, then by all means don’t play sentinel. but the fact of the matter is, the way mvc3 is designed right now, it makes quite possibly THE most sense to have sentinel as your anchor/3rd. Most health, Deals a ton of damage, easy BnB. seriously get past the fact that everyone uses him.

pick Morrigan/Dark Harmonizer assist to build meter!

Don’t listen to carbocation. According to that mindset everyone should be playing sentinel forever no need to look at anyone else. He is a follower. After evo, when an actual creative player figures out that ______ (insert character) is good, he will tell you “you’re wrong, pick _______ he’s better”.

MVC3 is built right now so that you can play anyone. Sentinel is an easy way out but not the only way out. For a team that revolves around dark pheonix, I would recommend morrigan like CI581 says. Her assist builds meter very fast.

You could also pick a keepaway character that builds meter and wastes time like arthur. Storm is also good at this.

For now it’s best to experiment.

Sentinel vs Sentinel 3: The Sentinel of Two Sentinels

Is Amaterasu’s Bloom as safe as Dark Harmonizer? She might be another option.

Bloom is just about as safe as Dark Harmonizer, and it’s packaged with a smaller hitbox. Cold Star is really good too, which is why Bloom hasn’t been getting much press.

With Sentinel as the final boss, of course.

Phoenix teamates

Hulk (or Haggar for defensive assist or Thor as a spunge):
I use Phoenix and The Hulk is my choice regardless of the 3rd teammate. Hulk has armor on 2 normals and can take a lot of damage. He works well with pressure assist type to walk down opponents. He’s able to cancel into all his H.C. and has the Gamma Crush which is instant/invulnerable at startup.

If you play like me, you can take advantage of two of the most powerful in the game.

Build your meter to lvl 5.
Tag Phoenix in to get some hits in and to go balls out until she dies.
Tag her out to build 1 meter (as Dark Phoenix).
Use her TK Trap which can help build the meter safely, since in her Dark mode it gets very big & very fast for good zoning.
The Dark TK Trap also cause a Wall Bounce inflicting 162,500 damage which isn’t bad from an assist (might be strongest assist in the game).
Use her Healing Field the instant you tag her in.
The field only works right when you have the opponent in it.

If you play like me then you will not worry if she dies again.
The Hulk is the strongest in the game when he goes lvl 3 XF.
If he hits you 4 times with normals, he can kill you, if he hits with a Gamma Crush, he can kill instantly. He can take 6 H.C. and still be coming at you. Don’t forget that he has armored normals. You won’t need an assist to help you with pressure b/c he becomes very fast.

Dark Phoenix with lvl 3 XF is insane, the one thing you should avoid is her Phoenix Rage b/c she is constantly dieing as the Dark Phoenix. Between lvl 3 XF and her healing field, she’s like a God. She can be H.C. and take maybe 5 to 10 percent damage.

If you think of her as having 860,000 or rather 1,300,000 HP with lvl 3 XF/Healing Field
I don’t care if you have Sentinel or Galactus, she won’t die in the right hands.

OTG and Wall Bounces from pressure and close range zoning solo = High Reward from a High Risk