MvC3: I'm Doing This For Mutantkind: The Magneto Team Thread

Ok, about basic Dante magneto sinergy:

st.M+disruptor xx teleport
meaty st.H post knockdown xx weasel shot > call magnus > dash in for hit confirm or mixup.

call magneto + hysteric (rockets) is insanely good.

the rest is just basic assist usage I guess. covering while dashing in, etc.

I think I can make those combos better. Think, not sure, since you went all HAM on that shit.

If you don’t care about swag, then about the second combo in your video, I found a slightly more damaging variation:

cr.:l: > st:m::h: Stinger > Volcano Magneto Volcano > j.:h: xx Air Play > j:h: [land] :s: > j.:h: xx air play > j.:h: xx Killer Bee [land] backdash :s: xx upshots xx stingerlvl2 (wallbounce) > Hammer [land] Call drones > Million Carrats [drones hit] j.:s: xx Sky Dance > Beehive > Stinger xx Volcano xx Beehive xx Million Dollars (fully mashed).

817k. ~980 with the magneto DHC.

Nice, this will be my midscreen bnb forever, and I never fuck it up.:rolleyes: Also, It’s does 820k fully mashed. Turn up those button mashing skills, Kanta!

P.S. The Dante TAC infinite practical? I need to see it.

Anybody else here running Mag/Doom/Ammy? I’m thinking about switching to this team because the more of Magneto I see, the more I start to like him for how the game works and just like him as a character in general. Any good tactics to use start of round against Morri Doom? What’s a good place or video to start with bnbs and spacing tactics for Magneto also?

I think it’s one of the best point Magneto teams, I just have no desire to be a serious Ammy player. DRS Nashfan pilots the team pretty well if you wanna look him up on youtube.

@Devil Jin
The BnB thread is here:

Against MorriDoom, mash H Disruptor + Plasma Beam(Plasma would probably be better in this mu for more durability in the projectile war) to beat Morrigan in the fireball war + snipe Hidden Missiles Assist which is easily doable by Magneto, and rush her down with tridash jH and boxdash blasts along with assists. Just one important thing, Morrigan may be the only character in the game, that ducks under tridash jL, so you lose that part of your mixup and you have to adapt and must use another tridash button. Once she activates Astral Vision and gains momentum Magneto can’t do much except stay in the air, so you have to win the game before she sets that up otherwise you’ll struggle, it’s a pretty even mu, but very unforgiving if you mess up and she gains momentum.

There’s no real spacing guide for Magneto but it’s something you learn on your own, your best spacing tools are normal jump addb for runaway and addf jH/jS(have to be plinked) which have great hitboxes, confirm into full combos and are very hard to catch Magneto with, Boxdash/Tridash Blasts and normal jump Magnetic Blasts are also a good way to create space, just be wary of teleports when doing Normal Jump Magnetic Blasts, sj fly + Hidden Missiles/Drones is also good. Every top Magneto player has his own style of neutral game, so it’s not really something that can be written out, so you just might to want vids of FChamp/Fanatiq/RayRay and the like.

messing around with Acid Rain/Lady’s rocket launcher grapple raw tag into Magneto mix ups. Also Jam Session can punish the F.Champ tac bait setup pretty easy as long as the player commits, but the hit confirm is funky as hell. I’m guessing none of you have played with any of this stuff because I’ve said it before but I didn’t get any feedback from you guys.

Jam Session confirm is a pain in the ass. Didn’t know about grapple > raw tag tech though.

I should really start playing this game again lol/

Any ideas for the best team with Felicia/xxxx/Magneto?

Dr. Strange works and Akuma works, but who else would work?

I wanna use Doom on that team because I know it would work but I kinda wanna switch it up. I already main Magneto/Doom/Morrigan.

maybe viewtiful joe so you can get that infinite going with felicia and shocking pink or maybe even nova for some unblockables

rgx2 uses Felicia/Magneto/Taskmaster and does pretty well with it. Felicia/Dante/Magneto sounds pretty good too.

Turned out Shocking Pink infinites only work on player 1 side, meaning noone tested this shit outside training mode.

I recommend Sent Drones, you can’t really go wrong with that for both Magneto and Felicia.

I run vanilla marlinpie team … Pretty decent at stopping zoning teams if you can stop them from getting started… Plus that mags infinite is very easy to pull off


I’ve been looking for a Mags/Phoenix team. I know Doom is the obvious answer, but what else is there? Dante? What about a heavy character like Haggar or Hulk? What about teams with Mags second to abuse disruptor? (Dorm?)

for a team like that you’re gonna need somebody that’s buff enough to guard phoenix till she gets 5, can move well around the screen if mags dies and has self sufficient combos. Doom, Dante, Haggar, Hawkeye, Taskmaster, Doctor Strange, Sentinel and Arthur fit the build for a mag/phoenix team because;

  1. Doom can build enough meter on his own and is just as mobile as Magnus. Plus Mags loves Hidden Missiles a lot since they are so versatile (lockdown usage, zoning tool)
  2. Dante is fuckin retarded lol
  3. Haggar lariat is good for stoppin dudes from trying to rtsd but you don’t really want him alone with phoenix because his neutral game is straight up garbage and gets zoned out for free but once he’s gets the hit…
  4. Hawkeye, just call beam assist and shoot arrows all day.
  5. Taskmaster he’s pretty bulky and he can definitely hold that W if mags dies.
  6. Doctor Strange is also a great choice simply for the fact that him and Magneto can just troll the shit out of you in neutral game.
  7. Sentinel, don’t be afraid to play this character with Phoenix. If Mags dies, then you still have a good character since he’s got kara command grab setups, good netural and provides Phoenix/DP a great assist to control the neutral mid-to late game.
  8. Arthur is good just because he’s a wildcard. Not too many people know the match up and daggers are almost as good as drones. In my opinion though, you’ll only want to play him for his xfactor gimmicks if all else fails (chip the niggas to death lol).

If you can’t stop zoning once it gets started, you’re not good against a zoning team…lol. Magneto/Doom/Amaterasu is…not super terrible against zoning but it’s not great either. THC will have to be your MVP.

Magneto/Doom/Phoenix is the only Magneto/Phoenix team I would play, maybe Magneto/Morrigan/Phoenix too but no neutral assist is kinda shitty.

im trying spiderman/magneto/sent

is there any “secret” techn/stuff that I can get from hypergrav assist instead of disruptor?

Hypergrav gives you tempest THC is one of the best THCs in the game, but otherwise the assist is useless outside of combo extensions which Disruptor does not allow except early on in your combos.

Hypergrav gives Sentinel full combos from any grab and a solo relaunch. also lets you always end combos with HSF

yeah but I can get advantage from the assist with spiderman? I