MvC3: I'm the Second Best at What I Do: The X-23 Team-Building Thread



Most of the other character subforums have dedicated threads like this set up, and I think that this is something that will merit a lot of discussion as more people get their hands on the game and seek to figure out what sorts of team configurations will support X-23 best.

So, here’s a thread wherein we discuss which team members work well in a team with X-23.

If there’s any other useful information that you think deserves to be placed at the start of the thread, let me know (PM is probably the best option) and I’ll be more than happy to edit it in. As we get more actual info as people begin to play the game, we can start to populate this thread with useful information for all the smart and attractive X-23 players out there.


What X-23 can provide as an assist:
A - Mid attack (direct, front)
B - Low attack/OTG pickup (direct, front)
Y - (Non-invincible) anti-air (direct, upward)

Assist types X-23 can benefit from:

  • Projectile/approach cover
  • Lockdown/mixup support
  • Combo extension
  • Meter building
  • Etc.




Last one.


I’ve gone back and forth on team members a lot over the past few weeks, but I’m currently thinking about something like X-23/Wesker/???, where the last spot will be filled by a character with a good projectile or other approach-covering assist. Ideally, I’d like the character to also have decent health to help counterbalance X-23’s lower stamina. Something like Sentinel drones, perhaps.

For Wesker’s assist, depending on what the in-game testing shows (see the general thread for discussion on that), I might end up going with the wallbounce kick. Its possible potential as an opener or combo extender is appealing, plus I’m thinking that the “fear factor” from getting wallbounced a few times will scare the opponent into blocking more – which is where X-23’s command grab comes in. The videos that are out in the wild now clearly show that X-23 can easily OTG to extend her own combos, so I’m not immediately sold on going to the “default choice” of Samurai Edge, unless its low-hitting nature proves to be essential to X-23’s mixup game (which I don’t currently expect).


what about x-23/wesker/s-hulk, you could possibly put her flash kick to good use as a AA. Or doesn’t her clothesline stun people?


Longer lasting projectile assists that cause good blockstun (like DPs or Iron Man’s ) will be helpful for her to get in for mix-ups. Also, what’s the reason for the thread title??


I don’t really care about thread titles, but: 1) it’s a quote that she says in-game (a reference to Wolverine), and 2) it seemed appropriate when talking about teams members that can provide support.

If there’s unanimous opinion that it should be changed for some reason, I can do it, but I don’t really see the big deal most of the time.


Awww I see, no its all good. Also I’ve been watching some of the demos with Seth Killian, and honestly her range on her slashes and command grab are so good she may not even be in dire need of a proj assist to help her get in. But since she’s so amazing on the ground I think ppl will eventually start staying the air and raining down projectiles, etc. So maybe a long range AA assist would be more useful with her, along with her DP. The range of Super Skrull’s AAA tenderizer would be about perfect.


Man I so called X-23/Wesker on day 1 why is everyone wanting to use them :frowning: Anyway my team is X-23/Wesker/Akuma. I don’t think akumas tatsu assist will be good enough to keep them in block stun while X mixes them up with hops and stuff but maybe the dive kick (if it’s overhead) will set up unblockables to reset your combos, ie magic series, small loop, magic series + akuma, hop, low attack while dive kick hits, start another combo.


Honestly, and this may sound odd, but I am thinking maybe X-23/Ryu/Akuma. I know I know not only do most consider Ryu to be sub par at this point but two shotos…

Well let me at least throw out my thoughts. Ryu has the hardest hitting AA assist, at least that is what they are saying in the Ryu thread. His beam hyper is really pretty good and can pretty much DHCed in from anything. Akuma’s dive kick supposedly hit overhead and caused a ground bounce, that combined his high low game and her I am everywhere all the time game, I think this could be a great combo.


I’ve decided on X-23(Crescent Scythe)/Storm(Whirlwind)/Wesker(Jag Kick or Sam Edge) for now. Storm for cover/projectile assist that eats everything and Wesker otg/unblockable or extender/opener. Full screen punishment (Did anyone test if her “Let’s end this” hyper fullscreen punishes?) and Hail Storm opens up assists like xmas presents. What do ya think? Any feedback appreciated.:china:


Im maining X-23/Dante/Hsienko

anti air for her, and unblockable for dante: anckle slicer + dante’s teleport. Hsien’s assist (that one where she swings) covers X-23 rushdown

x-23/zero could work too. because of Zero sougenmu’s super, which is already hard to block add a low hitting assist to the mix. Also zero has hadangeki (air qcf + atk) which is an overhead and its safe-ish on block.


I was thinking X-23, viper and chun li, viper has the burn kick assist which helps since x-23 has good lows and chun li has that sick assists lightning legs which pins the opponent down and its really easy to pressure


Chun-li, they seem perfect for each other.

X-23 allows chun-li to do the unblockable setup and allows her to OTG with super after an air combo.

and chun-li seems to be the best assist to keep players long enough pinned down for a hop high/low, left/right or command throw mixup, even if they pushblock you.


as of now im playing x-23/arthur/dormammu.

it may change,but i like what she can do with dormmamus dark hole assist as a cover/crossup aid thus far.
still getting used to the buttons really,but DHCs are reliable with this team in just about any order.:slight_smile:



… what? sougenmu doesnt have any true mixup (at least atm) coz Zero has no overheads… also, none of his aerial moves (dive, lightning and buster) hit overhead.
and handangeki is his projectile (and not possible mid-air)
not trying to sound like an ass but you’re just heavily misinformed.

anyways, I’m gonna run x-23/Dorm/Zero.
From what I heard Dorm’s blackhole assist can really help x-23’s pressure and mixups. if that doesnt work out there’s his AAA which isnt as good as Dante’s but it’ll still have its uses i guess.
for Zero i was mainly going with the projectile to cover my approach, or his AAA if its any good (but i’ve been hearing its total ass and has no range so…)

We’ll see how it goes i guess.


yeah sorry, I assumed the dive was the same as in TvC. Forgot to properly test it in training mode.


Yeah, so I haven’t gotten my hands on the game yet, but for my starting team I’m thinking X-23(Ankle Slice and AA assist when Chris is on point), Chris Redfield(Open Fire or Boulder Punches for added pressure?),and Trish(Low Voltage or Peekaboo for AA?). I was thinking of starting X-23 on point using Chris’s Open Fire Assist to cover my approach then once inside and mixing up, use Trishes Peekaboo to continue pressuring since when the trap is set over their head they won’t be able to jump out. And the ground is where X-23 wants her opponent to be. I figure this would especially work in the corner allowing for hi, low, command throw mixups. Alternatively, I would want to use here Low Voltage assist to help X survive longer against a keep away team. I could also switch Chris at point to better handle keep away and use X’s Flash Kick assist for rushdown characters. To sum it all up without typing a novel, I thought this team would work well together not only because all of these characters can benefit from one anothers’ assists greatly, but the overall team seems to have alot of versatility. Once I get the game though, I’ll definitely put in a lot of hours trying to figure out all kinds of good shit this team can do and hopefully see if it’s viable.


I’m playing Storm/X-23/Chun right now.

My friends are calling it “the best team in the game” right now… saying this team will last 11 years…

I see it lasting until I get fucked up at Winter Brawl :-/