MVC3 in a nutshell



MVC3 in a nutshell: HERP

That was really funny, I’ve never heard any of those jokes before.
lol 'heard’
That was funny cuz its ironic


thumbs up for the ff6 music

and kefka laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s strange.

I didn’t know I was on GameFAQs.

That was pretty creative to say the least…

Yeesh…was expecting the vid to have more ‘legitimate’ complaints. Like X-Factor or the OTG insanity.

Instead it was just two 'tards beating a dead horse on old jokes. I’m genuinely sorry i watched that and gave them more views.

EDIT: It’s true, Capcom does this shit, and instead of saving everyone some bullshit via DLC, they have to re-release the shit months later so they can price hike the games. My buddy and I had a discussion when MvC3 first came out, with all those extra empty boxes, we both were certain there would possibly be a good amount of dlc down the road. Nope, months later after some lack luster crap tastic DLC, we get capcom’s hype machine for the next identical game and tag it with “Ultimate” “Super.” But your right, it is beating a dead horse, but fuck capcom.