MVC3 is headed towards anti-trapping

Examine these timecodes in the following three videos:

…launch into short Charging Star, c.short* juggle(?!) into more combo

…s.fierce into Berserker Barrage into Berserker Barrage X

…juggle combo into Dancing Flash

These combos would not landed in any other Marvel game; they would have went well under the opponent, and it wouldn’t really even be close. This means one of two things:

  1. these moves (including plain old Berserker Barrage and Cap’s c.short) have huge new attack boxes
  2. vulnerability boxes are greatly expanded

If it’s #2, there’s no way that characters like Spiral, Blackheart, or Doom will be allowed to exist in anything even superficially resembling their MVC2 form. Every character would be as easy to trap as Juggernaut.

Since such a radical shift in favor of trapping seems highly unlikely, the next most likely scenario is that trapping has been nerfed to the point that huge hitboxes are not a significant factor.

The game already seems to be taking a turn towards less variety (4-second fly duration? “Super-fast” tri-jumps… that you can’t attack from?) and more widespread homogenization, where every character does endless repetitions of square jumps for offense. It’s clear that Capcom has already made efforts to nerf runaway (though I’m not sure how well that will work…); I hope that they do not also decide that trapping is an “undesirable gameplay style” and completely neuter that as well.

*Yes, I know that there is no short/forward/RH in this game. You know what I mean.

Hope you guys like Air Dashes!

You do realized this is a rushed build…for people at E3? The place with a lot of reporters and such who probably aren’t exactly adept at fighting games. They probably did it to make them feel special.

Now if this holds at EVO, I’d get worried.

Why don’t we talk about what we’ve seen now, and then change our discussion accordingly when we get more info from EVO?

Because you’re basing affirmative laws of the game on a rushed demo version that’s not even close to being completed? Locking the thread because this could be in one of the discussion/mechanics threads.