Can we speculate on who we want as a final boss?

TvC had a pretty random final boss (Yami from Okami), and MvC2’s final boss had even more WTF-edness. I’m guessing we’ll expect to see a giant-sized final boss appear once again but who should it be?

Personally, I’d like to see a team-up of three characters fight as the final-boss. Like Albert Wesker, Iron Patriot and Virgil (DMC) threesome? That would be pretty damn awesome. :tup:

Or how about three giant bosses? Apocalypse, Onslaught and Abyss? :devil:


Maybe give it a 3rd strike angle with Gill trying to “save” the earth.
A galactic angle with either Thanos/Galactus?
Perhaps a team up of the 3, but I doubt it. I’d like another “WTF” boss,
I think it’s unlikely any playable characters will be the boss but I’d like to see Gill/Thanos
get some run.


Screen filling Justin Wong is the final boss, no lie I have inside info from Capcom. Or something.


It would be nice to see a blood-lusted Sentry as the final boss, or Galactus, as mentioned above.

If Wesker is not featured as a player, he should be a boss. I hope there’s more than 1 boss, too.


How about the Void(Evil Half of the Sentry) from Marvel. :smiley:


Lol aw got to it before I could! :rofl: