MvC3: Keepaway for beginners

Hey all :slight_smile:

At the moment, my keepaway team is as follows:
Point: Taskmaster [straight arrow assist]
Assist 1: Dr Doom [rock barrier assist]
Assist 2: Sentinel [Sentinel Force assist]

I am keen to learn keepaway, but at the moment my tactics only really extend to spam arrows until they get close, then use an assist. Every so often i add in air attacks for no particular reason.

For now, I am using arcade mode as practise and on normal, I seem to be doing OK although around the match 6 or 7 mark, I lose some characters (yeah, I’m not that good).

I have watched videos of Honzo Gonzo, Spartan and Filipino Champ, but I didn’t really get much from it :confused:

Any advise you can give me?
Any changes I should make to my team?
Any way to up my keepaway game?

Thanks all!! :slight_smile:

Don’t wait until they get close to use your assists. If you can safely use an assist, think about using it; Honzo Gonzo seems to summon Doom’s hidden missiles whenever he gets them pinned down with Task’s arrows, allowing his keepaway to snowball in a way.

It’s also worth looking at Duc’s MVC2 team, Spiral/Cable/Sentinel; he has a trap (which he goes into in great detail on this very forum in the Spiral section) where he launches swords with Spiral and gains time to load up more by summoning Sent’s drones to seal it.
Completely different game, but the core concept of using assists to cover the holes in your game is there.

personally I’d go with plasma beam over molecular shield, depending on how good your taskmaster is. Tasky is well equiped for fighting opponents up close should they get in, and drones will disappear if Sent gets hit. If you play smart, you can ultimately use both assist for some fantastic zoning.

First and foremost, arcade mode is not the best way to practice. It might help you get a feel for how your team works together (I’ve tested characters on my teams in arcade mode), but beyond that its not very helpful. The computer doesn’t respond to you the way a human opponent was, so certain things might work that shouldn’t, certain things that should work out better don’t work at all, and you can develop bad habbits. Use it to warm in and test teams, certainly, but if you’re really gonna hit the lab don’t use it.

Keep-away teams seem harder to run in this game. Honestly the character I see most in pure keep-away teams is Deadpool (paired with sent drones more often than not). Taskmaster has keep-away potential, and his arrows do some nasty damage, but he’s not limited to a full screen character. If you want to play a keepaway game no one can fault you, and with the right assists you can be very annoying, but don’t be afraid to score some damage if your opponent gets in close and gets caught by an assist.

Dr. Doom’s rocks assist aren’t very good in this game. Missiles are pretty good for keepaway, control a vertical space, and are pretty good as a combo breaker to your opponent. Plus, Taskmaster arrows can already control the horrizontal space that Doom rocks fill. If you really want another horizontal projectile assist, you might prefer to use his beam instead of doom rocks. Really the only reason to run doom rocks instead would be if you really wanted it to juggle after an OTG move. If you end up using it for that purpose often then by all means keep it, but if its something you only do once in a blue moon, or not at all, you might want to consider other assists. Missiles gets my seal of approval, personally.

Not much to say otherwise. Taskmaster is a solid character, Sentinel and Dr Doom both give great assists. Doom second is good becuase sentinel drones help his game out more than Doom would help out sentinel, and Sentinel is widely considered a better anchor character. Keepaway or not, this team is solid (pending Doom assist).

As far as improving your keep-away game, its just practice. Taskmaster can control a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal space with his projectiles. Drones cover a space between diagonal and horizontal, depending on the spacing away from sentinel, and Doom can cover horizontal or vertical depending on assists. You’ll need to learn when to control which space with taskmaster (predict them jumping and send diagonal arrows), and you’ll need to learn how to use your assists to cover for you if you guess wrong. For instance, if you have a hunch that you’re opponent is gonna jump over the arrows, call doom rocks/beam and shoot diagonal arrows. If they don’t jump, they can’t move very hard to capitalize because they have to respect the doom assist. Sentinel drones can cover you close to you horizontally, and they get higher up to fill a more diagonal space at a full screen point. If you want to create a wall that they can’t get arounbd, you could call sentinel drones to cover close horizontal and mid to full screen diagonal spacing, and shoot up arrows to basic blanket the entire screen except on the ground full screen.

Your assists and taskmasters projectiles can blanket the screen. You need to learn what moves cover what space, and when to use them.

… That might have been a bit long winded, but I hope it was helpful. Just don’t necessarily limit yourself to keep away. Your characters all do good damage in their regular combos, so its still a good idea to know them.

Thanks all :smiley:
I have changed my doom assist to hidden missiles, and have learnt some combos (although my doom and sent are still pretty weak)
After trying out ranked, im now 10-2
Thanks again