MvC3 Kiosk at the Clackamas (OR) Best Buy on 82nd!


I posted this earlier, but I feel I should mention this here as well. At the Best Buy in Clackamas/Happy Valley (near the Clackamas Mall, past the Salvation army, before the Wal-Mart, and next to the Home Depo and Babies’R’Us) has MvC3 in and playing. I played there today for a good 5-6 hours and plan on playing again tomorrow with more friends. I’d keep it under my hat, but then I think about how ravenous I’d be to play this game and how much I’d appreciate someone doing this for me. So give it a look tomorrow if your curious! Only had 1 controller however… so no match-ups yet -_-;


Kudos for the consideration man. I’m gonna call Best Buy by the Tacoma Mall just in case, but if they don’t have it I’ll be in Clackamas this week for sure.

Also, arcade stick or pad?


Pad. All Kiosks are usually like that. It’s like nobodies ever stared at the consoles in places like GameStop and saw that the systems are barred off from the players :slight_smile: no need to bring anything because you can’t use anything.