MvC3 launch day @ Classic Game Junkie ersults

1: Demon Hyo
2: josh wong
3: Hal
4: Dr. Chaos
5: fecalpenance
5: pushblock
7: julian
7: steve
9: HuBBs
9: ron
9: DTspaghettipasta
9: dave2J
13: Reaper
13: CoMeBaCk
13: luca

Tournament was HOT! I also saved the stream in 3 parts. you can view them here.

part 1 - GVN’s MvC3 launch day tournament part 1, GVN MvC3 tournament part 1 fightclubhubbs on USTREAM. Gaming Entertainment

part 2 - GVN’s MvC3 Launch tournament pst 2, part 2 fightclubhubbs on USTREAM. Gaming Entertainment

part 3 - GVN’s MvC3 Launch Tournament part 3, part 3 fightclubhubbs on USTREAM. Gaming Entertainment

Classic Game Junkie is too good, I didn’t realize they had so much hard to find classic game stuff there. People should definitely come check that place out. Thanks for having us all there and good stuff to everyone that came out.

I need one of those lego character models!

yeah i had some fun last night.

Guys dont forget about the tournament at UFFC sunday the 20th, come support the arcade.


Yeah Game Junkie is too good. I bought a copy of Illusion of Gaia(complete & boxed) for much cheaper than what I would’ve paid on ebay.