MvC3 launch night and day of tournament -skagit valley-


I got together with the local manager of Game Stop and we have decided to host their midnight launch of Marvel vs Capcom 3 at the local comic shop Docking Bay 93.

So be there feb 14th, Monday night at ten pm for the tournament or at midnight to pick up your copy. Dont forget to pre-order your copy from the Game Stop across from the local best buy in Burlington.

Also that following day feb 15th, at 7pm we will be doing a $3 buy in tournament at the same location

Game Stop
(360) 757-2745
1894 Marketplace Dr

Burlington, WA 98233

Docking Bay 93
224 Steward Road #115
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(360) 428-5808


It’s a bit far for me, but I figured I would give it a float. Hope you can get a great turnout.


hahaha hey thanks man, yea im hoping to start up weekly sessions there. oh and hey i imagine you still have all those surge protectors laying around?


Yes, I do.


ok cool figured as much, dont need them anytime soon. just making sure they didnt get chucked or anything


Sorry for intruding on this thread but this is the only one I found that was somewhat relevant. Do you guys know of any other MvC3 release party/ tournament going on in the Seattle area? I’m looking to sponsor an event but need something a bit closer to where we’re stationed. Hit me up via my email on my official website if you know of anything please. Thanks!


yo brent theres a gamestop near your house thats having a midnight release i think thats the one im gonna be rollin to that one and practice with deezo all night

to my peeps in renton and tukwila theres one there too lets get it

starslay3r boo when we gonna meet up haha


There’s the STFU and play event that Originalkdawg put together, and there’s the monthly gameclucks tournaments that’ll be having MvC3.

As far as an event goes. Nothing I’ve heard of.


yea what frank said.


thanks to everyone who showed up and the 26 people who actually entered the tourney it was a real blast.