MvC3 Leaderboards!

Took a peek at the leaderboards earliar , what a suprise CAT GIRL v is in the top 3 again it has obviously boosted this aswell this player is either a fighting game god or a complete fraud. haha made me laugh. It now tops the leaderboards on soul caliber iv , tekken 6 , SSFiV, MVC2 and now marvel 3 . Leaderboards ruiend yet again. Nice goin CAT GiRLv

Sounds kinda sad…

I say let the troll have it’s moment. I think we all know where achievements and scores matter the most.

That player is a major fraud, not only does he boost, but he is known as a professional ragequitter!

Only major tournaments matter if they are the best!

Theres a guy on there called Super Geek No1 - he posts over at xbox360achievements. He is nearly in top 100 (probably is now) with something like 110 battles > 105 wins > 5 losses with 100 perfects lol

“mr fanatiq” has a 100% legit achievements met

The only legit person is my friend hype monkey I was in party chat with him whilst he got his win streak on ranked… Ive even started to make him enter mvc3 weekly tourneys now he’s pretty sick… I dont care about leaderboards to be honest so meh