MvC3 - Looking For Training Partner and/or Mentor


Hey guys, so basically I’ve decided recently to get into MvC3 and try to be competitive on some sort of respectable level (haven’t played a FG seriously in a few years). I’ve been reading up on guides, watching streams on weekends, and putting in the hours in the training room to get better with my execution but I think it’s time to get some more match experience. I’ve been doing online ranked for this last week but basically either lost fairly badly or win close. Thus, I feel like I’m not really learning much afterwards since my play style hasn’t changed much.

I realize my execution will improve over time as I keep playing but I thought it might accelerate my tactical thinking if I could find someone I could train with or tutor me. I would try and get more involved offline however I’m currently working 40 hour weeks so that’s not really much of an option. I’m on PSN and would be appreciative of any sort of help.

Thanks guys.


Post or PM me your PSN ID and I will play with ya and help if I can


Please post matchmaking requests in the matchmaking section.