Mvc3 loops list

(noob alert) OK so I’m guessing resets are like those 3-5 attack combo strings you see, but can anybody point me towards a resource of them.(at least chris’)
edit: Loops are what i’ve been looking for

I guess that was a kinda close guess.

A reset is a combo ender that ends the combo early and is usually not an optimal combo ender. There are literally millions of resets, especially in a game like MvC3 where combos are very freeform and hitscun scaling exists. A good reset will leave the opponent in a vulnerable position and leave you in a strong position where you can use a mix-up to attempt to go for a second combo.

Resets are useful because the second combo will start off with fresh damage scaling, and the total damage from the two combos is usually far greater than the damage from one combo using a regular ender. However, resets are a gamble - if the opponent guesses correctly then you won’t get a second combo at all.

Depending on the character doing the reset, the character being reset, and the reset itself, the gamble can either be an extremely good one in the attacker’s favor, or extremely bad.

In MvC3, resets are generally not that good. There are several reasons for this:

  • Many characters can already do 100% combos by expending a few meters or XF, and games are usually decided by 4 or 5 combos. The amount of meter saved by doing a reset instead is generally not worth giving your opponent a chance to escape from the 100% combo.

  • When you are reset in the air, you have the option of teching in any of three directions - forward, back, or neutral. Many attempts to mixup after the reset are foiled by simply teching forward instead of back or neutral. Before you’ve even attempted the throw/not-throw/crossup/not-crossup mixup, there is a good chance of the opponent escaping safely.

  • iirc, the only way to do a reset that leaves the opponent on their feet and on the ground is to use Spencer’s Wire Grapple assist.

  • Team Aerial Exchange already allows you to get some of the benefits of a reset (more damage/meter in exchange for giving your opponent a chance to escape), and the odds of a successful Aerial Exchange are usually much better than those of a reset. (66% chance of success given you are mashing completely randomly)

With that said, I doubt there is a list of resets anywhere. All I can suggest is that you take your character to training mode, put Air Recovery and Ground Recovery on random, and try to come up with your own resets.

@ sleazoid: that not what i was looking for, but non the less the wire grapple assist is becoming useful
p.s. does anyone know what those infinite looking combo strings are?

You mean loops? ya they are basically combos that allow enough recovery to be repeated over and over until hitstun decay stops it entirely.

YES! thanks.