MvC3 Madcatz Fightstick TE buttons not registering all the time


I’ve had my fightstick for a while and I’ve been noticing that my Triangle button isn’t always registering. I really started noticing it when trying to air dash and I don’t dash, I’ll set whatever game I’m playing to show inputs and I do notice that the button is not registering properly all the time. I’ve taken it apart and saw that the quick disconnects seemed a little loose on the button so I crimped it but haven’t had time to test it out yet. Has anyone else had a similar problem or know what might be going on?


Could have been that loose connection. By crimping, do you mean you cut the wire and crimped a new Quick Disconnect on?

Also, check the barrier strip to make sure there aren’t any loose connections.

Another thing could be that the microswitch in your button is dying, since you say you’ve had it for a while. Not the most likely of causes, since this typically would be years in a home stick under normal conditions, as opposed to the months that the MvC3 TE has been out, but it’s possible.

One way to test if it’s the button is to remove both of the quick disconnects from the button, and touch the metal of the two disconnects together. If it always works, then you’re in good shape so far. Reconnect firmly to the button, and start playing with it. If it doesn’t always work, then you can try swapping a working button with the triangle button, and try that. If it works, then it’s your button, just order a replacement button.


Thanks for the response, I meant I tightened the quick disconnect a little to make a more snug fit on the button. I could literally blow the wire off of the button because of how loose it was so I’m hoping that was the problem.