MvC3: Magneto: Questions (and Answers) Thread

Got a question? Someone here probably has an answer (I know I don’t).

So instead of posting and praying, use this thread to post your queries and some Master of Magnetism might help you out!

good thread, Id also like to say that you can ask whatever you want about magneto, even partner related stuff. Lets try to keep ALL the questions in this thread (this should be a sticky btw)

Can start compiling common questions and adding them to the OP if anyone wants to start rattling them off. I’ll add links to commonly cited tutorials and what not eventually, but feel free to suggest other things since there’s lots of knowledge out there.

And yeah, I figure since the other main threads get a little bit crowded with (I’ve made this mistake) general questions, this can be a better thread for it, so we can leave the General and Combo threads with more specific discussion.

do u guys no of any way to get the air dash up back h air dash down forward loop ive been practicing this combo for a while but i just cant get it down any advice or techniques

are you talking about this?:[media=youtube]wyJw1x4ZZ9U[/media]

yeah thats it

When in fly mode with mags how do you move across the screen quickly?
Its just fly> dash> dash in different direction. Right?

Pretty much and then you get on the ground quickly with an Air S.

Anybody have any helpful advice on getting the ghetto rom down ? Maybe some simpler variations that aren’t so time or opponent-height strict.

Been watching the tutorial video & reading around here, still can’t get it consistently. Someone said after launch, slight pause H, ADDF, slight pause, H, Land, repeat. Another note is once landed, SJ immediately with H. Ah the timing :confused: I was watching a couple of the break weekly vids and notice sometimes people use L or M ? on the way up, then ADDF H on the way down. Does that help keep the opponent at the right height to continue it or somethin? And lastly : can anybody clarify if doing the first loop with H, ADD (down), H, then use Up-Back for the rest of the loops makes things easier? Thanks

I’m still working on getting the reps down myself, but I can tell you that you’ll want to plink (or just get out really fast) the ADDF and the H to get H out fast enough to get you opponent at the right height.

Definitely refer to the combo thread for established advice and to read what not, but I think we should try fielding questions in here, especially since it seems like people are a little tired of answering the same combo-related questions in that thread.

Can someone upload a video on how to do the ROM reset? I’m having a lot of trouble with it.

Basically you go for however many rom hits you want as long as their back isn’t in the corner, then you ADDF and jump behind them hitting them with a J. H and continuing the ROM from the other side.

I’m also having a lot of trouble with Zero, if my tron assist doesn’t hit him or I don’t get a c.A on him I normally just lose. Here’s a video


So you do the ROM then super jump up forward and hit them with the back of the j.H then addb and hit them with the back of the j.H again? …Sounds ballin’

…Aaand I can’t get it to work. Someone turn on the Desk signal, this shit looks tricky.

Hyper Grav Loop question - i cant seem to get hyper grav to connect. ill sj.UB and ADDF j.H, land, s.H but hyper grav whiffs. i cant seem to get the char high enough. what am i doing wrong?

i just figured out the answer to my question lol. i needed to input sj while in the animation of hyper grav. you’ll know if you did it right if you just sj.UB and see the char get pulled up the screen.

You addf pause on the ground and then turn around and hit them with another J.H when they recover in the air.

i’m hoping someone can make a video

Who are Mags bad match ups? List plz? thanks

I’m running a magnus/task/dorm team and am lacking a solid otg assist.

Dorm’s otg is late and often misses, and neither task nor mags have a very solid otg. However, as task I can j.s into ground bounce into j.236H to get a semi-otg. My question in regards to this is whether I should use hypergrav, disruptor, or void hole to continue the combo. Or is this team hopeless for otg attacks?

I can’t really think of a character who’s especially good at stopping Magneto’s offense once he gets in.(except super armor characters but they can usually be disruptah’d to death) Good zoners can be frustrating so Taskmaster and a good Dormington are tricky. Other than that it’s just other top tiers that give Maggie trouble because they’re good too, so Wesker, Dante, Ammy or Phoenix are matchups you should know.

Between ROM and fly unfly combos you should be able to do fine without an OTG, but doesn’t Dorm’s Purification pillar work for an OTG?