MvC3: Magneto: Questions (and Answers) Thread

Why does FChamp use M+H dash in flight loop but the L+M dash in the hyper grav loop?

i believe it’s just a preference since you can perform either loop using any combination of buttons to dash.

I think I remember reading someone post that H comes out faster when L+M is used oppose to H+M. Same goes with the other dashes with other inputs. If I’m wrong someone please correct me.

You are correct, BM.

That’s why champ was all mindfucked when marlin pie was doing the up dash :h:s . You dont even need to dash on the joystick.

What is the best way to get to combo from the corner to the corner (reversing back midcombo)?

Theres a lot of Combos. Once you become familiar with Magneto you can almost freestyle and figure out which combo you can do. As an example you can start out with Mag blast to Flight ( Launch, Sj.H ADF H xx Mag Blast L, Relaunch Flight).

But if you want something easier to get them back at the corner then try out ‘The Fanatiq’

**1. The Fanatiq: **cr. :l::m::h::s: sj j.:h: pause addf j.:h: land sjuf j.:h: addf j.:h: dash cross over st.:s: sjxx j.:h:adf j.:h: xx :qcb::s: :l::h:[adf:h:x3]:m::m::h::s:

Thanks the first one was just what i needed! :slight_smile:

this thread needs to be stickied for importance.

Can anyone here do the :h: Flight Loop consistently online? I am having so much trouble with it online, I can do it really well offline but online it seems to be impossible.

i used to be able to do that, but i…gonna stop it there lol

i feel like my magneto is starting to get past scrub status and i’m soon going to be playing him with dante/sent and was wondering about controls.
i’d like to use the claw method, but i’ve gotten too used to my melty blood setup. i feel ashamed >< anyways my question is what are some advantages/disadvantages to playing with claw/sliding as opposed to flat palmed styles of play?

Wait what controller are you actually using? 6 front button pad?

Idk if Claw is really worth it in this game when with a 4 button pad with 4 triggers, you get 2/3 plink’d airdashes of choice. Claw is great if you are playing Tekken which is a 4 button game with no real use for Macros, but I don’t really see it’s advantage in UMVC3 with the perfect airdashes and easier wavedash/plinkdash because of the macros. I would see the advantage of claw in other games, but not really this one with how good macros are, and the fact that you are locked in to 6 buttons from the start.

i’m using an arcade stick. 6button layout

:eek:. My bad, I thought you played pad?

oh hell no. last time i played on a pad was back when i used to own a dreamcast and mvc2. 360 dpads are butt anyway

flat palm is ass, thats how roachking plays, accidental XFs everywhere.

Report the OP and request a sticky. This goes for any thread.

I usually do 4 reps then unfly to go into Mag’s Hyper Grav loop if I get them in a corner. It is a pain online but my connection is extremely good and i have trained myself to work under online conditions regardless.

whats your “melty blood” setup. i defintely use claw as i play box mvc2 style :P. it really lets you control what you want to do with your buttons :D, but now i feel like im talking out of my ass lol

this is my “melty blood” setup;

:l: :m: :h:
:s: :a1: :a2:

i used this exact setup for gg before melty came out, but for some odd reason some people don’t know what “Guilty Gear” is despite coming to srk. so i call it melty blood setup since it seems to be more popular (lol) and i used to play it like that

a lot of people use that setup lol. i think its pretty much the standard