MvC3: Mama said knock you out! Trish Combo Thread



Lets get the ball rolling straight from the guide.

cr:l: cr :l: cr :m: cr :h: :s: j.:m: :d::h: :qcb:+:l: j.:m: j.:m: double jump forward j.:m: j.:h: :d:h: qcf+L maxium voltage 545k

from a blocked round trip dash instant j.:l: :d::h: cr.:l: cr.:m: cr.:h: :s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: :qcf:+:l: maxium voltage 479k not including chip.

Update 3-3-11

corner combo with wesker leading to lvl three cr :l: cr :l: cr :m: st :h: :s: j.:m: :d::h: :qcb:+:l: j.:m: :d::h: :qcb:+:l: j.:m: :d::h: :qcb::l: :s: WESKER LVL 3

Combo’s By trag
Sexy Lady[media=youtube]j2_wZPO6Ac0"[/media]

Combo’s By DarkDeath



Instead overhead j.L into 2h works? I’ve tried it quite a few times and I’ve never gotten it to combo…


Blocked round trip, Shindrah. The hyper provides.

Of course, if it’s blocked they can just advance guard you away. (Unless you’ve recently made them block an assist I guess. I’m still iffy on how that works.)

So besides higher damage combos, what about small window juggles? What’s the best way?







Heres a really good Trish Doom Combo (hidden missle).
Need Xfactor, 4 meters. You can do variations without the xfactor and all the meter.

Trish bnb basically; Dive kick, c.l, c.m, c.h, sp, sj, mp, divekick, hopscotch, mp, hp, (land) hp+P1 (doom assist), sp, sj, mp, hp, sp. (Hidden missles hit OTG) Round harvest, sj, mp, mp, dbl jump, mp, mp, hp, max voltage, Sphere Flame (doom), Xfactor, sphere flame. (corner only or just outside corner) DMG 1,400,000-1,500,000
(Wait for the cobmbo limit to reach 75-78 hits before you activate dooms super for max damage)

Obviously there are countless things you can do with this combo once the hidden missiles hit OTG. I mainly wanted to show how it is perfect timing for the hidden missiles to combo OTG.

Dont think its too impossible, I just learned it yesterday and have pulled it off in several matches. Even in online matches.

Have fun with it!


when you say perfect timing. how tight are you talking


I mean that the combo is perfectly timed for the missiles to work OTG. It’s not a strict timing combo. It just works out that way.


cr :l: cr :m: cr :h: :s: j.:m: :d::h: :qcb:+:l: j.:m: :d::h: :qcb:+:l: :qcf:+:atk::atk: does 556,000, is easier to do than the above (I have trouble with the double jump), and looks neater also (trap-bouncing them twice is really intimidating). Cancel into the :qcb:+:l: just after you hear the sound of the :d::h: connecting – I find that I’m usually too early rather than too late when I drop it.


You need to use it with an assist so it’ll combo


I’m new to this game and I have interest in Trish. Can someone list for me the absolute easiest bnbs Trish has? I’d like to start by memorizing that and then progress from there.


I would learn how to do cr. :m: cr. :h: :s: sj. :m::d:+:h: xx :qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: as a base from which to extend to other, cooler things. Get that one combo down pat and then learn to extend it by continuing after the :qcb::l: – good luck!


Is there any way to fully hit air max voltage from midscreen without using the landing bnb? TIA!


is it not possible for some reason for Trish to [j.:m:>:d::h:>:qcb::l:]x3 into :qcf::atk::atk:? I can do it with two reps but for some reason if I do a third the Hyper wont even come out, I would understand if the combo dropped from scaling or something, but it’s weird that the Hyper doesn’t even happen…

And I’m pretty sure it’s not my execution (although I suppose I could always be wrong) because I can :qcf::atk::atk: after two reps every time and it doesn’t seem that much tighter after a third…


I think it’d cuz you can only do 3 air specials per jump


that applies to Hypers as well? If that’s true I had no idea… O_o


Can anyone post like her bnb so i can get those downs before i get to anything else im new to the series. Greatly appreciated


Big edit: hit training mode more today and it seems more like your launcher height / character position when they enter your air max voltage has a bigger impact on damage. I was consistently getting 600k+ midscreen. I’d have to test more, as it seems like sometimes people just randomly drop out. So this means: Ground max voltage is probably not worth doing unless you need to for a DHC to connect or activating x-factor; The divekick/crossunder combo also doesn’t net better damage, but will put someone in the corner; You’ll get more damage with a DHC than using Trish’s level3 (and it uses less meter!).

Edit2: Midscreens are sooo finicky in terms of character height when getting hit by airmax voltage. Anyhow, [media=youtube]zfWz4Yz1tWA"[/media] is a basic midscreen that will net at least 611k dmg regardless of your screen position.

Middle of screen: j.S, 2A, 2B, 2C, S, j.B, j.2C, j.214A, 66 (airdash forward), j.B, j.C, (land/delay), 5C, 236A, 236A+B or 623A+B

*Uses ground max voltage or level 3 if you are pretty much 100% mid screen for ~580k (~790k level3). *

2/3 to 3/4 screen facing corner: j.S, 2A, 2B, 5C, S, j.B, j.2C, j.214A, 66 (airdash forward), j.B, j.C, (land/delay), 5C, S, j.B, j.B, jc j.B, j.C, j.2C, j.236A, j.236A+B

Uses air max voltage and depending on how they catch and your proximity to the corner, it can do ~600-650k

2/3 to 3/4 screen facing away from the corner: j.S, 2A, 2B, 2C, S, j.B, j.2C, (land/crossunder) 5A, 5B, 5C, S, (delay) j.B, j.B, jc j.B, j.B, j.C, j.2C, j.236A, j.236A+B

*Crosses you under so you are facing the corner and will get more air max voltage hits. As with other combos, your mileage may vary. *


look at the first post

if your looking for a really simple BnB to get you by for awhile then use:
cr :l: cr:m: st:h: cr:h: :s: j:m: j:m: j:h: :d::h: :qcf::atk::atk:


I’m planning to post more Trish combos soon, I’ll post the video and the notations at the same time once again :slight_smile: