MvC3 Marvel PDP Controller Glitches


Hi SRK community, I have a glitch to present regarding the Fantastic Marvel PDP controller peripheral.

I would appreciate it if anyone who too owns this controller could confirm my findings.

After seeing Desk’s Captain America Shield slash infinite combo, I decided I would try to do it. It looks easy enough so I thought it would be no problem.

However, I ran into a pretty nasty glitch that ONLY seems to affect MvC3. I HAVE TESTED THIS WITH SSF4, SF4 AND TEKKEN6 AND COULD NOT REPLICATE IT.

The issue is as follows.
When inputting a QCF motion alone, it comes out D,Df,F - As expected.
However, throw on a another button after the QCF such as H and the input will be read as D,DF,F,UF H.

This makes the combo impossible as Captain America will always super jump cancel the H and not do a shield slash.

What seems to happen, is that on the first QCF+H, it will be read normally, but any consecutive QCF+H’s in the same combo will be read as QCF+uf+h.

I tried this with 20 other characters to make sure, as well as tested it on other games.
It only seems to affect MvC3 and from what i’ve tried (360 pad, SE stick, Tekken Hori stick, Madcatz Sf4 pad), it only seems to affect the Marvel PDP pad.

Sorry for my appalling notation.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

EDIT: SOrry for wasting your time to whoever read this, this IS indeed a glitch, but it only occurs if you input the motion too early i.e I can do captain americas infinite by waiting a second in between each shield slash. -.-


So you’re saying that you can never do a grounded hadoken-like attack with the PDP? Strange that you’ve only noticed it now.

EDIT: Should belong here:

Tech Talk


I can do it once, and then it becomes impossibly hard to do it again in the same combo. Read the post properly please.


And thank you for pointing out it’s in the wrong section, how would I go about moving it?


Wait for a mod or delete this thread. I did read your post properly. Sounds like a programming glitch if your execution is fine. Strange that it would only happen in marvel though.


I have this pad as well. FB motions come out fine, but DP motions during combos (Or by itself) sometimes makes me super jump in MVC3, but only from the p1 side. I have the Neogeo pad on the PS3(Same DPAD setup)and I have none of this problems.