MVC3 Match Making (Xbox Live)

Can someone tutor me ?

Im psyched for MvsC3 so I just got this on live, but never played the series before (outside acouple times at an arcade or movie theatre forever ago). Im pretty nice at SSF4 and while I know this game is completely different, Im pretty sure I can pick it up quick. As of now though, Im clueless about everything. Theres so much and its so crazy and fast I feel like I cant really grasp how I should approach it. I dont know the first thing about air combos or using other characters to help. Even if someone could point me in the right direction for 20 mins or so I guess. Any help would be appriciated. Mealy1006 XBLA

No? Really?

Not to be mean, here, but I don’t think anyone has the time to show you all the ropes of this game. Most of us here more or less taught ourselves how to play by playing matches, spending time in the training room, reading up on character strategies and combos, watching videos - those sorts of things.

I myself would be glad to help if I could, but you should be a bit more specific with your questions. What you’re asking for is too broad.

Best thing to do is lookup guides, watch videos, and spend a lot of time in training mode with the computer set when you’re just starting. Could also use arcade mode and work your way up to expert.

I’m not so sure about the playing against the Expert level computer AI, myself. I think time spent playing against real human opponents would be more valuable.

Yes it is. But if they are on a much higher level than you, you will not learn a lot. Playing against computers i do sometimes to practice execution on a not just dummy.

Don’t rage quit!

are you more of a rush down guy in ssf4 or a patient player?

Learn by yourself spend time in the training room but to be honest your a little late coming into this game your gonna be upset fighting god tier teams online if you don’t know what your doing. As Diet said look up the guides on here and just practice it takes awhile to learn mvc2 SSF4 was much easier to pick up it took me a day to learn basic fadc combos but magnetos ROM literally took me a month and all the setups.

the character threads and training mode will get you started in the right direction, just keep at it :tup:

xbox live friends?

There was no MVC3 matchmaking thread so I am just asking you guys to add me on xbox live Moneycat88. I traveled for SFIV and SSBM tournaments I am looking for good gamers to talk strategy and learn from thanks. Also what do you guys think the best value arcade stick I was thinking about just getting an SFIV regular stick and stripping it down and putting good buttons and sticks in it.

mvc3 practice

looking for someone good to play with in mvc3

im not a scrub

im tired of playing scrubs and not being able to play ranked matches because “cant connect to host”

hit me up

heres a match i had with dsp

Marvel 3 euro players on xbox live

Anybody who wants to play or train. please add me

Jack Bauer1 CTU

trying to use doctor doom, wesker, hulk, Dormammu.

I know what ya mean about scrubs online. I’ve only lost to one person so far online. I’ll Friend Request you.

Team is Wekser Skrull and Sentinel.

xbox live-Moneycat88-Playing all the time

Will play any1

I’ll add you an probably catch you online later

cool i got your invite, need someone to play. the online does not allow you to watch fights which is a bit crap. anyway will play you later

I was just about to make the same thread :slight_smile:

Im loving MvC3. No stress playing it what so ever unlike ssf4…

Add me for some laughs

GT: ASG Turtleing

i will add you ASG Turtleing, so far the game online is so laggy. on the level of when tekken 6 first came out

I’ve not had any lag tbh. What connection you on?

I had someone quit on me when he was on last char about dead and then said it was too laggy lol