MvC3 Metagame Help?

TL;DR at the bottom

Okay I’m a big 3rd Strike/SSF4 player and those have really been my only two fighting games (excluding Melee) that I got really serious in. And in those games the main objective was to get in using what your character was capable of doing (ie Ibuki using neckbreaker to get under fireballs). Footsies was basically the metagame. Who could out footsie who. Jump ins were generally a bad idea since you could be punished severely for them. Generally jumps were reserved for avoiding situations like fireballs and specials that had forward movement (bison’s scissors).

Unfortunately all of my street fighter knowledge seems to be of absolutely no use in this game (not referring to hit confirms and combo linking). I don’t understand my angle of approach nor how to effectively use block strings, or even if they should be used in this game. My current team is Akuma at point, Chris for keepaway, and Felicia to anchor since I can mix up the easiest with her. I’m starting to think that my team may just not be good enough to compete with the Dante/Wesker/Sent/Zeros out there.

I would love to know what everyone does or how they play so that I can get a better understanding of how to play the game. As of right now I don’t have a fucking clue and I just push shit hoping I get a hit so that I can hit confirm into super/extended combos that I know.

Read for more than 5 sec before you make a thread.

Read everything you posted. Not only do u come off as an asshole which I’m sure you are, but not a damn thing in any of those links talks about the metagame. I don’t need basics you fucktard I need metagame. And don’t tell me to read more than 5 secs because I’ve been lurking these forums for like 3 days now trying to find something but all everyone talks about is how broken Sent is and how to do combos. YES I MAD!

You know what I think I know why you said that. If you just read the TL;DR, then yeah it sounds like I don’t know anything about the game, but the thread title is clearly metagame help. Not basics on how to push buttons and what the different buttons do help.

People these days just want everything handed to them on a single platter, never wanting to learn anything on their own. So sad.

It’s silver platter. And I obviously don’t want everything handed to me. I just want to know the objective when I’m not actively hitting my opponent. It’s nothing like SSF4 and I never got into the versus series. As of now it seems like the other characters seem to have a much easier time playing against me since they have very long reaching normals/can spam projectiles very easily. But basically fuck this thread since none of you seem to have anything insightful to add. I’ll just keep watching match videos.

The point is, what makes you so special that you get to have your own thread so everyone from all around comes to help you? There’s a fucking GenDis thread, use the damn thing, or GTFO.

One, the forums are about asking for help/spreading information, Two, I don’t exactly see a thread going over metagame. Three I’ve read the stickied threads, but they don’t go into any detail about metagame. They go over basics which I completely and totally understand. So basically again fuck this thread and fuck you too. I didn’t ask for you to tell me to get over but that’s all you marvel ******* seem to do.

With every post you make you’re getting closer and closer to the answers you’re asking for. Maybe you should consider the SRK Hyper Guide? Or go to any of the threads that were already pointed out to you.

Oh, that’s right, you’ve already looked at them and they don’t have anything that is of any use to an expert like you. Well then perhaps you should wait for more than three fucking days after the game is released to expect some great in-depth discussion about said game. Most of the people that are into this game now are either spending their time playing the game instead of posting on the forums, or they have already posted their insight, which you’ve already deemed unworthy of yourself.

i understand OPs question, but cant answer it because im equally inexperienced.

you guys are being dicks. understanding a metagame, and learning fundamentals are two totally different things

That word, Metagame

I do not think it means what you think it means


the definition of fundamentals and metagame are subjective to what game you are playing.

you could further this semantic argument we are about to start, or answer the OPs question to the best of you ability

There is no metagame.

okay, then I’ll do it.

We’ve had the game for less than a week, THERE IS NO TRUE METAGAME.

Good bye now.

what is that? like there is no spoon?

not that i care if you answer him or not, because i’ll figure it out eventually for myself.

but obviously mvc2 had a metagame, and i cant imagine that this one would be too far off. maybe one of you guys who played that game could start there

either way im out of the discussion

The game has RARELY developed though. The most he can do is sit around and do what everyone else is doing, play the game. The F.A.Q. thread is for questions, so this thread should not even exist. There is also a general strategy thread here as well.

The reason these one question threads irk me is because there are only so many people posting on the forum, over 100,000 I believe. The members of SRK cannot attend to the needs of one person which is why universal threads are made. They are here to help EVERYBODY, you read them and try to understand them to the best of your ability. Then you go and develop your game. I believe it was once said by a wise man that “You get better by playing the game”. We can’t sit here and baby spoon feed you and tell you exactly how to play the game. That would be impossible in a game like this, where that quote up there is crucial. Take these tips and use them to the best of your ability, becuase as far as I’m concerned, the versus series is based solely upon experience rather than teaching someone how play, becuase as I have already said, that would be impossible.

MvC2 has been around over a decade. This game has only been around officially for a week. Can’t develop metagame in a week. It will take a few months to a year for any sort of metagame to surface. Stop being impatient and give the game time.

You know what game has an awesome metagame? Pokemon. Really awesome to play PvP, it’s a whole other world from playing the single player.

I agree strongly with both of these. Grasshopper, let the mountain come to you.

If you want a thread like this that is distinct from the Strategy thread, PM me what you’re trying to accomplish. The key is to get your thoughs sorted out first so that people can easily understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

In this case: this right now should be a period wherein people should be soaking up knowledge and games. There’s no true Gouken to learn from yet.

Also, calm down everybody. More love, less shove.

In many ways, your 3rd Strike footsie skills will be useful in that you have to always be aware that single hits from pokes can turn into big damage – it’s just that:

  1. Chars have many more good options for approach in Marvel games, because there are many more options for movement in general. As a result, people rarely walk back and forth out of sweep range in an attempt to bait their opponent – they simply approach from new angle after new angle. The chars with a triangle jump (8-way dash) have near-instant overheads for instance. Other characters utilize raw speed (X-23, Chun), teleports (Phoenix, Wesker), flight (Storm, Trish, Sentinel, Phoenix), or teleports to help create methods of approaching.

  2. Chars can string together many more normal moves. It’s no longer a world of just normal --> special --> super.

  3. Because it’s a tag team match, often your assists are just as important as your point character. Assists open up more avenues of approach (see #1) by covering space horizontally (fireball assist, like Ryu’s), locking your oppoents in place (direct assists, such as Chun’s Lightning Legs), or by otherwise claiming space in some fashion (Trish’s traps).

A common mistake new players make is to get really good with a point character without learning how to integrate them into a cohesive team. This can be difficult to realize, because if you’re proficient enough with a character or two, you don’t have to really utilize the team – you just have to throw your 2nd character in there when the first one dies.

My current team is Spencer, X-23, Trish. My usual goal is to put either Spencer or X-23 on point (based on matchup of their point char / whoever is out at the time), and to utilize Trish’s Hopscotch assist to protect the space directly in front of me. If Spencer is out, then I prefer to pull my opponents onto the trap using his bionic arm, allowing me to go into a devastating air combo – assuming I have a super meter, I will almost always tag in X-23 in midair at the end of Spencer’s combo, take my enemy to the ground, cancel into X-23’s super, and DHC back into Spencer’s Bionic Lancer.

That puts my secondary char (X-23) in for a minute so I can utilize her ability to extend the combo, and then puts Spencer safely back into the fight (which is the real benefit of the DHC here – bonus damage is secondary) so I can hope to do something similar again on the next character.

Most teams will have a primary point char, a secondary point char that either works well in specific situations or counters specific characters, and a tertiary character that is essentially only chosen for an assist (though you have to be able to hold your own on point with this character in an emergency situation).

TL;DR: Utilize your assists to create angles of approach that wouldn’t otherwise exist. This is the most basic difference between SF and Marvel games.