MvC3 Metagame Help?

there you go.

Game is very undeveloped at the moment, so expecting some deep metagame to start from is pretty dumb. That being said, the metagame right now is pick a team that beats a Sentinel team or pick Sentinel.


Jesus. 15 other posters, and 1 who isn’t acting like a ******. Sorry it’s such a shock to the online scrub population that someone would actually want to learn a game that is the diametric opposite of every other FG he’s ever played. I guess instead of trying to understand how to think of a game where being in the air 90% of the time is a GOOD idea and matchups are based on teams with assists instead of single chars, we can all just follow your productive leads and mash retarded shit with deadpool/wesker/akuma and spam fullscreen beam/random super.

Responses like the ones in this thread make me believe that online play hasn’t grown the community in any way that could actually be considered beneficial.

He is literally asking us exactly how to play the game. That is impossible, especially since no metagame has even developed yet. Not only that, he had 4 other threads he could have gone to. Not only that, he assumed that he is so great that those guides were useless to him when they are actually quite helpful. He won’t take anything less than actual in depth discussion about the game, which is impossible. The team thread helps him develop your team, the general strategy your strat, and the Basics thread teach you about basic uses of some mechanics in the game. There is NOTHING that BardicKnowledge said that was not said in those threads. He could have actually looked instead of asking everyone to bring all the water to him.

“You can lead a scrub to water, but you can’t make em’ think” - Seth

Everyone in this thread are elitists ass holes lol. He’s just asking for basic strategy/play style of McV3. I’m also a SSFIV player moving to the versus series and it is a very hard adjustment.

The game hasn’t been out long enough to determine anything yet, but I would say that it is a more offensive based game than street fighter. For right now it seems like there is 3 ways of playing the game:

  1. Keep away - Zone out the opposing team and don’t let them in on you, spam hypers, lots of chip damage, annoying to opponent.

  2. Rush down - Get in their face and mix them up, gang bangs

  3. A mixture of keep away and rushdown

But really just read srk’s guide as it is very good, and experiment in training mode and with different assists and characters. I feel the most rewarding part of the game is coming up with your own like custom combos and shit with different teams. It is a game that allows for a lot of creativity as far as combos/mix ups/ resets go

The title of this thread should be, “dear assmonkeys, please come here to play in your own excrement!” since that appears to be what it has become.

But seriously, I find this to be an interesting question. The metagame is the game above or beyond the game in its mechanics of execution. The poster mentions SSFIV. There, I found that I would often beat players with 10 times the combo execution I had just by outthinking them. That’s the essence of the metagame. In MvC3, it seems like the metagame plays a smaller role–it’s not as strategic a game. You get in there and execute flawlessly and you’re almost always going to win, because damage is so high and combos can be so long.

Maybe it’s my inexperience talking, but it seems to me that the people who said “there is no metagame” in MvC3 are not so far off the mark. In any case, it seems to me that the metagame is significantly less important in this game than in any of the street fighter games.

The problem is the OP has no idea how to word his questions.

No, that’s the game. The metagame is the game that exists BEYOND THE GAME. That’s what ‘meta’ fucking means. There is no metagame because the game is fucking three days old. People haven’t even figured out the plain old game yet.

Son, that’s what I wrote–the metagame is the game above and beyond the game. That said, I don’t think you understand the full implications of a metagame. Put very generically, a metagame involves making strategic decisions based more on your interpretation of what your opponent, the player, will do, than it does in knowing how to land combos, use characters’ moves optimally, call in the most beneficial assists at the right time, etc… I.e., a metagame consists in part of simply outwitting people. In this sense, you bet the metagame exists. My argument is that though it exists, it isn’t as important in MVC3 as it is in SF games. Who knows if I’ll feel that way after the game has been out for a year or more.

I always thought the metagame was “what teams/characters are people choosing?”. Much like the term is used in CCGs “what decks are people playing?”.

In this respect, there is no metagame. Every character is getting representation, and we are nowhere near the dust settling and sorting out which are the more objectively stronger teams.

I was going to say it but you got there first. Because for fucks sake. Footsies = Metagame? lol

Why a player picks who they pick, what they anticipate playing against and what kind of strategies they’ve developed to deal with current trends. That’s what metagame is referring to. Decisions made based on current developments/trends in understanding/usage of the game.

So it does mean what I though it meant, I just have the wrong definition.

I didn’t play MVC2 or read much about MVC3 before the week before the game came out. Honestly I don’t really care about what others think. I just go in with my own small ideas here and there to get a “feel” for the game.

Learn some combos, you’ll be punishing people with these when they open themselves up. Get a habit of using Advanced Guarding when there’s a lot of attack pressure. Blocking correctly is also pretty big too. Don’t call in assists too prematurely for no reason, use them to setup or compliment your offense. Ton of stuff can cancel. Practice those hit confirms.

That’s about all I can give ya so far, from Versus noob to another. :slight_smile:

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Not even slightly. NOTHING in that paragraph is beyond the normal game. You just listed a bunch of things that happen within the game.

Me firing an upward projectile because I think the other person is gonna jump is something that happens in the game. It is therefore NOT beyond the game. It’s not even advanced. If I’m playing Tic-Tac-Toe, and the other guy has 2 in a row, taking that last spot so he can’t win isn’t “metagaming”. It’s common sense.

A guy building a team to counter Cable, because Cable is a popular character in his community, happens OUTSIDE of the game. That is metagaming. No one is being outwitted at all. The popularity of Cable in that town is causing the entire game to play out differently than it would two towns over, since the disproportionate amount of Cable players makes someone like Sentinel a less desireable character.

Actually, picking characters happens within the game. By your definition, strictly, absolutely nothing that involves actually playing the game is metagame–so using counter-teams would not be metagame. This obviously is not correct.

Metagame is not merely picking strategies to counter popular techniques/teams, though that is a part of it. Your definition is too narrow. Metagame, put simply, has to do with strategic counter-player (rather than counter-team, counter-character, or counter-moveset) play.

We’re getting meta defining metagame now? I was afraid this would happen.

Also, be nicer to each other. No need for kissin’, but let’s ease up on the blowtorches.

I agree. If you live in a desert, you should feel right at home.

Pick Sentinel and use a move that has super armor, then combo into a hyper for huge damage. There, now you know as much about MvC3 as most of us.

Metagame: People love Sentinel and Keep-away characters.

How to play the Metagame: Pick characters Sentinel can’t deal with, and pick either more powerful keepaway characters than your opponent, or learn to play characters that get in really easily.

Rain is becoming a big threat these days, it’s not all Sandstorm all the time anymore.

The only way to find out how to approach this game is to just play it. You wont find the answers in a forum. Just keep playing and losing until you start to lose less.