MvC3: need help/advice forming a team


I have been playing MvC3 since the first week, but I still cannot find a team that works for me. I either get three individuals I like, but they do not synergise at all, or I get a team that synergises well, but once my point character drops I suck with/do not enjoy playing the other two. I have played (single-character) fighting games since Street Fighter II, though my skill level is probably only average. I can reliably perform SRK motions, etc, can wave-dash/triangle-jump (though not as fast as the pros). On the other hand, C.Viper is out of my league and I sucked at Guilty Gear.

The three characters I most enjoy and am best at playing with are Tron, Morrigan and Felicia (obviously, they do not form a good team together). Morrigan has been a favourite of mine since Darkstalkers, Tron just `clicked’ for me the first time I played her in this game, and Felicia grew on me while experimenting with different teams. I can reliably execute their BnBs and most of their missions, though I have mixed success using them in actual matches. I am also fond of Thor and Spencer. I cannot reliably execute their BnBs yet, nor get as far through the missions, but I have been working on it. I like Hsien-Ko as much as the other Darkstalkers, but… you know. I do not intentionally whore low-tier (I mained Sagat in SSFIIT), it just so happened the characters I like are lacklustre.

I have tried playing the popular/high-tier characters, but to little success. I lack the reactions and execution level to play Dante or Magneto. I find Iron Man and Doctor Doom a real chore to play (though both have fantastic assists). I hate everything about Sentinel, and simply refuse to run yet another Dark Phoenix team. I have no issue with Wolverine (good character, can play him OK), but would rather play Felicia (same role and all). I actually tried to run Tron/Iron Man/Sentinel (Team Superior Tech) for a long time, but once Tron dropped the fun would drain out of the match.

Would anyone be able to provide any help/advice for me? I am not looking to win a tournament, but I would like to beat someone more skilled than a masher (where any random team will do).


The good news for you is that both Morrigan and Felicia are set to be stronger in UMvC3. The bad news is that it’s not easy to play both of them together now. Morrigan’s j.S drill + Felicia’s buckler assist works very well together but their DHC options are limited. The best team I can think of with both Morrigan and Felicia for now is JJJ’s Morrigan/Storm/Felicia; you can see him getting to work in Part 3 at 24:00:

Otherwise looking at what you like you can try my old recommendation of Wesker/Spencer/Task for an easy team to use for beginners.


What you need to pay attention to is assist synergy, DHC options and every character’s potential in x position. The first character should be someone who doesn’t rely on meter too much. Based on the characters you like… Spencer and Thor neither require meter too much so they’re good to go first. Morrigan and Felicia on the other hand would be better off as second characters because they both have awesome activation hypers (Astral Vision and Kitty Helper). You build meter with the first character through any means and get a safe activation for some 2on1 action. Lastly Tron works with any team as you get the infamous Gustaff Fire-assist (hopefully) for the whole match. She is kind of a bad anchor though.

In my opinion Spencer is really strong (high tier), he does need support to get in though so Morrigan/Felicia might not help him at all. Tron’s assist isn’t exactly for that purpose either. Thor is kind of in the same boat, he needs a team (or at least specific assists) to make him good so in that sense he might be poor point-character for your team. If you ask me I’d pick Spencer, he’s more solid and more versatile than Thor. His Slant Shot-assist would be a great combo extender for Felicia’s Toy Touch ( :df:+:m:) too. You’ll also get access to the (soon-to-be-moot) DHC glitch with Spencer and a “free” way to start helper shenanigans (Bionic Lancer through everything xx Kitty Helper next to the opponent). I’m not very familiar with Felicia’s assists so I can’t say how Spencer benefits from her.

This is all just theorycrafting, but I’d say there’s some potential in Spencer(b)/Felicia(?)/Tron(b). Try it out!


Thank you for the advice.

I had watched JJJ’s Morrigan recently. Definitely the best I have seen.

I had been looking at Tron on point, where Spencer helps her little (though you can do the ClarkeyD Tron combo with his Armour Piercer assist); the other way around is definitely better. Felicia is a much better anchor than Tron (can combo off her own OTG, command throw leads into full combos, unblockables without assists, infinite with XF3) so I would go Spencer/Tron/Felicia. The main issue is that Tron and Felicia are both free vs Zoning, and Felicia is also free vs fliers (especially Magneto/Phoenix), without the right assists. I have fiddled with Spencer/Tron/Felicia a little though. The THC is so-so on hit, but does nice chip (over 500K) on block. DHCs in or out of Felicia are easy, as is Tron->Spencer, though Spencer->Tron has tough timing on the Lunch Rush and King Servbot usually wiffs if Spencer hits. Felicia’s Rolling Buckler assist works well with Spencer and Tron’s high approaches, but a beam or Sentinel Force attack/assist completely shuts it down, making it difficult to Spencer to get in.


Tron has been my main since February. I’m one of the few that uses her on point and not for the assist. I gotta say if you use Tron you want these 2 types of assist. a low hitting OTG assist (Wesker B, She-Hulk A, X-23 ankle slice) and a beam/ cover assist (Sentinel A, Doom A or Y, Ammy B). Sentinel and Ammy work great because you can DHC glitch with them (at least until Ultimate comes out). Tron lacks a good projectile and she almost always starts combos off of j.H so you need those assists to make her more of a complete character.


I wanted to get serious in MvC3 (or UMvC3 for that matter) coming from casual play to a more competitive play. At first what I do is the same thing Elric did, pick people that tickle my fancy and have absolutely no synergy with one another. Recently I’ve been reading up on SRK’s guide and individually looked at character movesets and assists> I love to juggle and dish out combos so naturally what I looked for are characters that have OTG assists and make teams from there. Is that a good way to start?


Well just about every character does fancy juggles and combos so that’s not really a bullet point you should be looking for in a character. You only need 1 OTG assist at most for a team and you only need it for characters that are limited in combo ability or if you aren’t good at fancier combos yet for your characters. Some characters get very little benefit from OTG assists like Dante, Wesker, and Sentinel.


No I’m not saying all my teammates have OTG assists, of course I only need one xD Wesker being my flashy one…but that’s until Iron Fist comes along! Any more tips you can hand out for a rookie?