MvC3: Need help with some basics

I’m hoping i can get some help. I’ve been having issues with throwing, composing efficient combos, and getting close enough to get a hit.

I’ll be using the notations used in the MvC3 guidebook. L being Light, M being Strong etc etc. Sorry if my writing style seems awkward or is a bit hard to follow. I’ve been reading a lot of Sherlock recently and my writing style tends to mimic what i read.

I’m playing on a normal Xbox 360 controller. No mods or anything. My current team is: Taskmaster (Forward shot), Spencer (Armor piercer), Dormammu (Purification assist.) I also use Dante (No bold cancels yet) and Akuma, as well as other random people that aren’t important.


I’m not new to fighters or gaming in general. I’ve always been decent, but with few exceptions i have had trouble throwing in most fighters. The only series i can throw consistently in are: Soul Calibur and Bloody Roar. This is mostly because they have a button i can hit to try to throw. MvC3 doesn’t have that button and because of it i can never, ever, throw someone on purpose. Unfortunately i’m on the receiving end of throws quite often, and while i can break them i can’t throw back. I know the command to throw is 6H and that i can’t throw someone in hitstun or blockstun but when i try to throw i end up whiffing and get punished because of it. Is there anything i’m missing or am i just screwing up the timing or something?

Combo making.

I’m at the point where (other than my throwing and my DP/RDPs) i have the technical ability to do combo’s consistently as long as the combo doesn’t require that many DPs. I’d like to get some variety instead of only be using BnBs because it’s gonna get old quick. I can do a basic ABCS xx SJ MMHPS, with specials and hypers and assists and whatnot thrown in. So i’m wondering about the basics of building stronger combos. Are there any guidelines to follow while i’m working on improving them? I won’t use the DHC trick because i plan on buying UMvC3 and i don’t want to invest the time and become reliant on something that doesn’t exist anymore.

Getting in range.

The last thing i need help with (currently :p) is just getting into range safely. Most of my mains have one thing in common, I don’t need to be that close to get a hit in. I would just like some ideas to help with getting in closer with characters like Spencer and Akuma.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep working on this stuff. Sorry if i made walls of text or there are typos and inconsistencies. Just point em out and i’ll fix em. Thanks for all the help (I hopefully) i get.


Your going to get bored of doing the same combo over and over again? Then you are in the wrong genre of games. Combos are practiced so you can do them in a match that means something. Pressing different buttons in a combo is a lot more fun?

Also, how hard is it to learn the DHC trick? It is like an hour and a half tops if you can do regular combos.

Nothing anyone can say on here will make you better. What the brutal truth is is that if you stop posting here and start playing and practicing yourself than you will get good. No advice will make you better until you get to very specific circumstances.

On one level, yeah i get bored of doing the same combo again and again. It’s something i’ve dealt with for years. But trust me when i say that, despite that boredom, i’ve still bought fighters time and time again. To me it’s just like a annoying habit a family member has. The habit may be there but you’re the one with the problem and you just gotta deal with it. If doing the same combs repeatedly was a big enough issue that i couldn’t deal with it i certainly wouldn’t be planning to buy another MvC.

Anyways, i’ve been playing and practicing since the release of MvC3 and i still suck at throwing and getting in. That’s why i’m here asking for help/advice. I can do the BnBs but i want to try and improve them as best i can. To me if im not breaking 600,000 without xfactor and only using 1 bar the combo aint worth using. Unless my character has trouble doing that much. I also like having different combos for mixup purposes even if i never need to use them.

And i don’t want to invest the time i have availible into something three months down the road i won’t be able to use when i could be working on my fundamentals. I understand that this alone won’t improve my play but these are the weak points that i’m having trouble getting around alone. Not being able to throw is a handicap i could do without.

Extra info, skip this if ya want. On average i can only play for 1 hour a day. During that hour i usually go into practice mode and fight the comp on very hard with natural match conditions for about 40 minutes, before doing arcade with the match finding system on. I’m able to lurk and read far more than i can play because my family doesn’t know that i can read on the internet with my kindle. I’ve been playing off and on since release. I have issues with holding down a team. I can do all the motions consistently except for DPs which, outside of combos go right about 90 percent of the time and inside combos goes right about 40 percent of the time. I’m working on that though.

Sorry for the wall-o text. Again thanks for your time. Also i enjoy your sig cause it’s true. I had to read your post three times from different points of view before i could get rid of my stupid salty rage.

First off, you’re afraid you’ll get bored with the basic combos, but you’re using Task, Spencer, Dorm, and occasionally Dante? The combos available for all of those are NUTS, and it’s easy to find all sorts of them listed in the combo threads for each of those characters in their respective forum sections. If you want to do more varied, damaging, and pretty combos, no problem, they’re alread here on the site. Start digging and get practicing. Akuma’s two air super BnB is comparably easy compared the longer combos regular used by the other four I listed.

As for air throws, they should already be a good part of your game. Task can super off of most of his throws, and if youre out of range, oh well, you get a web swing. Dormammu’s combos often end in a way that you can s.L and air grab for a reset. Dormammu’s combos off an airthrow are even better than Task’s once you do land it.
The key things are:

  1. Know your followups to the airthrow to get the best damage, or failing that, set up the wake up game. But guaranteed damage is better than a non-guaranteed setup.
  2. Practice the setup and the followup in training mode. Dont forget to change the ground and air recovery directions so you can see how where the opponent goes; no one neutral techs.
  3. Play humans. CPU will auto defeat stuff all of the time.
  4. DO IT. There’s a key mental difference that I’ve seen in my Dante and Wesker: if I am actively trying for an airthrow, I’ll get it, like 9 times out of 10. Sure, occasionally I get accidental ones, but if I’m actively trying for the throw, it works way often and way better. No “I’m gonna hold forward and press H so I’ll attack or throw maybe if I’m in range”, just 'Im gonna throw him".
  5. Also practice using airthrows to punish what you can. Easy one that comes to mind is Dante’s teleport. I think Task’s web swing is another, but I’m not 100%

Practice man. Thanks also for realizing im trying to help and not take it personally. Community needs more like you.

Anyways your family doesn’t like you on the internet? I feel ya man.