Mvc3 officially sucks!

“I would have to say the goal is to take the best elements of ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 2’ and ‘Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars’ and put them together to make something very good”**


"It’s very easy to overlook the fact that some games become too complex. Characters all have move sets that you become familiar with. If they become too complex, it’s not fun. We want the controls to be simplistic, unlike Street Fighter."

if its too complex, its not fun??? mvc2 was fun for 10 years because it was the deepest fighter on the market. WTF

oh great simplistic controls confirmed. Thank you scrubs for dumbing down an entire new generation of games.

NO mvc2 player wants to see this game look ANYTHING like TvC. TvC had 2 incarnations to be a good game and it can’t even do that. What makes capcom think the game has anything good to put out since NO ONE is buying it?

the game is still currently in its DEV stages since it won’t be out till spring 2011.

I suggest marvel players express their hate and maybe they might take that TvC crap out. Scrubs got their way with easy execution right? why can’t pro’s say we don’t want that shit in our game?

You sure made a thread about this

I don’t see the problem. You got some dumb niggas asking about WHO IS THE LAST BOSS!!! I WANNA KNOW!!!

and as an avid marvel player, I will speak my voice. FUCK TvC.

ALLLLL marvel players have expressed their desire for mvc3 to be more like mvc2 tweaked rather than cross breed between TvC.

Quoted for truth… People STILL discover new stuff ten years later, that’s because Capcom got it right…


They won’t change anything. MvC2 players are not going to turn MvC3 into a profit; new players will.

i see this thread going places, oh and tvc is good shit.

There are still like 3 different threads you could have put this in before making one. This isn’t even discussing anything past the fact you don’t like how a blog post sounds.

Also I would understand how pissed you are if you actually saw gameplay and shit first. But right now you’re just bitching about shit you don’t even know. Also, if you think this is gonna be MvC2 HD Remix, you’re going to hate this game so hard.

Rather that than TvC HD Remix…


Fucking stupid.

Who are you really. Reveal yourself Grimalkin!

What an annoying scumbag.

Just stick with your Marvel 2. No one gives a shit. Stop bitching.

mvc2 controls were already simple enough… :frowning:

This will not get its place in a separate thread. Hopefully the MVC2 community does something about the TvC BS NONE of the mvc2 players want to see. ** The DEV obviously knows nothing because he thinks mvc2 wasn’t fun because it was too complex lol.**

the community is now involved in making games more than ever. Magnetro was involved in helping aid the mvc2 HD project and preppy\wong were also going to attend but didn’t.

shoultz don’t get me wrong, you’re an awesome marvel player from what I hear, but fact of the matter is that this isn’t going to be an updated MvC2, and Capcom’s made this clear. If you keep on expecting it, you’re going to hate this game far more than you probably need to.

Freaking A… What some of these MvC2 haters need to do is to watch Joo’s compilation video. Then, they need a legit MvC2 player to explain to them the timing and execution required for all of that shit… Since that thing is so long, I didn’t watch a majority of the clips until today, but DAmn! I was saying “Oh shit” and “fuck” just about every 5 secs. What kind of game has the depth and complexity that Marvel offers. shiiiit… SJ cancels, calling assists out to make the screen shift, calling assists out to alter character positions, whiffing attacks so that you can cancel shit, and on and on…

I was going back and forth with that question. Because this is a whole different generation of gaming, I was thinking that maybe the MvC2 community should be open to some changes… But after watching Joo’s video, how can they change that! It’s a masterpiece, and it most likely will never be replicated. But at least try to, Capcom!
If they fuck this game up, the Marvel community will just keep playing MvC2 until they get it right.

From what I’ve heard, Capcom keeps an open dialogue with the gaming community. We need to use that to our advantage so we don’t get some faster version of TvC.

lol at the fact they think SFIV is still too complex.

And despite the fact Capcom is pretty buddy-buddy with the community, this isn’t just their game anymore…it’s Marvel’s game too. As far as Marvel is concerned, they just want kiddies buying this game to mash Iron-Man Proton Cannons.

Shoultz needs to make this type of topic on Capcom-Unity, then. Bitching on here ain’t gonna do a damn thing.

Yea, how dare he express his dislike for this horrible SF4 trend being carried over into MVC3. Fuck this scrub-empowerment silliness.