MvC3 OTG crossover timing


Im having an extremely difficult time after i finish an air combo timing it right to get my crossover assist characters OTG to hit. Always seems by the time he comes out the character im trying OTG has recovered. My assist character is Dormammu and using purification which i know is an OTG. Is there a specific time i should hit the assist command to guarantee the hit?


Hit it earlier. I know that’s vague, but you have to figure out the timing by yourself. You can even input your assist BEFORE your attack if your assist is slow enough.


does any OTG assist after an air combo?


Try doing your air combo slower than usual. You can’t call the assist until your point character is back on the ground, and if you finish your air combo closer to the ground, then that gives the assist more time to come out and OTG the opponent.