MvC3 Patch is live! (enables shadow mode when that's out, no other changes)


Faster character loads (PS3), and a prep for the DLC content.

Patch also glitched some people, as some ranked wins/loss have been glitched, and some battle charts have been reset.


its psn-only at the moment. im interested in whether they stealth-changed anything or not…


Yeah we are playing on the PS3 at the moment. It was 20mb patch, and so far no problems finding a game. ^^


did it lower the input delay at all? (with someone you normally play with so you’d know for sure)


Good can’t wait to get home and try it out … lets see if I get matched up with someone with 200+wins and 15 losses … (eating my record alive!)


Spectator mode?


no spec mode. All I notice so far is that it is a lot easier to find a ranked match. Over 10 games now and it’s failed once.


Sent Nerf… ??? LOL (j/k)


Only thing I care about is if they added a record/playback function to training mode (and if it’s there already I can’t find it).


That’s already in the Training Mode.


hope this hits xbox soon…


it’s in the controller setup


They fixed the loading times when you choose your team.


just to be more clear
go button config and map a button to “Record” and map another button for “playback”.
Yes it is weird, yes it is hidden, yes i thought it wasnt in the game till i googled.


Someone said there was a sent nerf? (puts flamesuit on)


Nominated for an article because why not. Thanks for pointing this out.


This patch completely fucked my win/loss record. I went from having 151 wins on ranked to 29. I am not pleased


yah my record is alot worse at the vs screen but after the match its back to normal


MvC 3 Update?

I just got a 1.01 software update for MvC 3 on PSN. Does anyone know what it changed / added /removed?


yeah i just fought someone that showed a 52 win 51 loss record, and then after i beat him in a ranked matched his record showed like 180 wins… theres something funny going on with ranked records