MvC3 Player Directory

I thought it would be cool to have a listing of SRK’s PSN players. The game comes out in roughly one month, but why not have your friends list in order when it drops? Please put your information in the following format:

PSN: MyBodyIsInfested
Region: East Coast

SRK name is not needed because…it’s already there. Other stats like skill level and main characters are optional because they are highly changeable or innacurate. Just put a paragraph under your tag and location to share that kind of stuff, or to just tell a bit about yourself. That way people who are just skimming and looking for thier region don’t waste time.

:woot:Let’s get ready for ten more years of blocking ice storms:woot:

Kinda early for this discussion. I’ll have my new name up and running for Marvel vs Capcom 3.

I kind of think this would be good to find people.

Mine is Devilstar22
East coast.

Kool not sure who Ill use alot yet (Dante) but umm sure Iam game

I see your point, but I wanted to have a friends list set up before the game came out.

East Coast

So. Being 2 or so weeks away, will this get started up again?

That is up to you, potential contributer.

Bring it ON!

PSN : SandraYin (duh!)

I have two since I live in Japan and using my JPN PSN account allows me to set my region to same actually get matches with good connections

US PSN: digital_masta
JPN PSN: digital–masta

Region: Japan (despite what my US account says)

West Coast

Looking forward to playing this, even though I suck @ all the Vs. games.

PSN ID: BoomNPound
Region: South America, Chile

Even though im pretty far, if the netcode is the same as SFIV (or better), i can play matches with people from the US with no lag at all.

The best coast, The west Coast.

Needs moar midwest/east.

PSN ID: welcome2troyland

REGION: midwest / Nebraska

East Coast

PSN ID: southpaw_srk
Region: Europe

PSN - PsyChoTik_RiCaN
Region: east coast

PSN: sok13-
Region: West Coast (Seattle)

I’ve already got the game so if you already have it you can send me a FR (please mention that you’re from SRK) if you want to play now.

~ Sokloeum


psn: Kenruson
Location: East coast (Florida)