MVC3: Please Rank Characters in terms of difficulty in Execution

I am starting to play around practicing bnb combos with various characters and haven’t settled on a team. One of the things is that I am having difficulty with is with bnbs with difficult timing and spacing and at times requiring you to adapt the combo due to small errors in timing. I am trying to stick with medium to easy characters for now, but am trying to avoid practicing with the hard super technical. For example right now I am practicing some of Dr Dooms ariel loops and am having trouble getting consistent timing. Originally I was trying out Iron Man, but nothing was connecting for me with him.

So i am soliciting opinions about what characters fall into the following categories as far as execution skill needed to be effective with.

Example of what I am talking about.

Easy: Wolverine, Amertarasu, Sentinel

Medium: Doom, Deadpool

Hard: Iron Man, C.Viper

Problem is the large number of characters that have dead simple day 0 combos, and more advanced, execution and timing heavy combos. Wesker, X-23, and Dante would fit those categories for sure, along with Amertarasu you already listed; her f+C mashing combos are easy, but getting into the stance change combos you see pros use, very difficult, at least for my stupid fingers.

Mixed: Wesker, X-23, Dante, Ammy, Zero, Phoenix
Easy: Hulk, Dormammu, Storm*
Medium: Task, She-Hulk
Hard: Tron**

I’m ignorant of the rest of the cast.

  • Damaging combos, easy to do especially with DHC glitch. LANDING the first hit, very hard for me for some reason.
    ** Has easy combos, but to be effective with her, they need to be long and you have to mentally keep track of what assists you’ve used in the comb, whether you’ve used ground bounce, and doing the versions that help reduce the damage scaling (j.H, s.L, c.M, f+M… instead of j.H, s.M, f+M…) is much more difficult.

Yeah that definitely helps Toodles.
Currently the team I am practicing with today is Amaterasu, Doom, and Sentinel. Hope that they aren’t too hard to use together.

I like Ammy on point because I can mash with her fire shield. But later on as I get better I can move onto those hard to do stance change combos involving the sword.
Doom I really like his versatility, but his combos are hard for me to do, but I am wanting to stick with him.
Sentinel looks like easy mode as far as simple damaging combos go and a strong anchor with X factor. So far using OTG Rocket punch Assist.

Hard - Hulk, I was drunk I couldn’t MM,H out lmao.

Easy - Wesker… so much derpness and low risk/high reward.

Need to sit on your couch playing for hours to get the BnB = Magneto :slight_smile:

Magneto, Iron Man, and Viper are up their as harder execution characters.

Magneto is pretty hard.

I know the anti mash characters like Chun, Skrull take some time to get down before playing without accidental Tenderizers/Legs. Skrull also has those button charge moves that require the right timing to combo with.

MODOK is definitely the hardest :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a pro by any means but from my experience so far with the game I would categorize the following characters that I have tried out as the following:
Dante - Hard
Reason: Bold Cancels, double inputs for secondary attacks, knowing his huge variety of combo options and knowing which one is best for which individual situation, combo attack timing
(Side Note: For me personally hitting buttons in quick succession has never been an issue with me and the faster I have to hit them, usually the easier the combo is for me to do. HOWEVER, I find it funny and quite strange that when it comes to Dante’s attacks you actually have to hit the buttons for some a lot slower than you would think (slower than say a wolverine attack string) yet faster at other moments where the transition feels kinda weird. (L>M>H>S = kinda slower than wolverines) / (S>j.M.>Guitar thing (forgot the name lol sorry) > 2nd jump U/F j.M>J.H>Killer Bee…etc = as fast as a wolverine attack string if not faster) back to slow attack again.) Idk. Maybe it’s a personal thing.
C.Viper = Hard
Reason: Special Move Cancels, Special Move Feints, Appropriate use of Focus Attack, High-Execution Level required (VERY satisfying to pull of though and quite powerful on her own)
Chun Li = Easy
Reason: Just mash thousand kicks and you’ll be fine.
Reason: Her moves don’t pack to much of punch unless you do her quite execution heavy advanced combos and use her mixup capabilities to their maximum potential. With X-Factor however she is a MONSTER and one to be feared definitely.
Tron = Medium
Reason: While her jumping H might hit both ways (wink wink) actually taking that hit and converting it something valuable isn’t too hard, GETTING that first hit against a wise opponent can be quite hard to do ESPECIALLY against flying opponents because she can be quite easily zoned with the right assists or character. HOWEVER, this really only applies to her alone. With assists she is actually quite fearsome and capable as she would most likely not be open for attack in the time frame between her jumping H’s.
Magneto: Medium to Hard
Reason: While hiw ROM might be quite fearsome and very exectuion heavy, with his current speed of mobility and zoning attacks, along with his Magnetic grab whenver he has a good assist like sentinel drones, he can basically play any and all roles and can zone most characters out with the proper assists with little real execution behind him.
Will add more later.

Easiest (Damaging, Effective and Easy Combos):

Ammy, Wesker, Wolverine, Sentinel, Taskmaster, Arthur, Chun, Akuma, Ryu, Deadpool, Hulk, Haggar, Chris, She-Hulk.


Tron, Jill, Phoenix, Cap, Thor, Viewtiful Joe, Trish, Morrigan, Felicia, Hsien Ko, Spencer, Doom.

More Difficult:

Dante, Magneto, Zero, Storm, MODOK, X-23, Dorm, Spidey, Morrigan, Shuma.


C. Viper, Iron Man.

Dante, Viper, Iron Man, Magneto = HARD

I’d throw doom in there as well but his ROM isn’t as crazy as magnetos. Don’t get me wrong, by no means is Doom easy to play. He’s just not very hard either.