MvC3 Pre-order T-shirt from Capcom Site is Size Large


Just wanted to share this for those that are wondering about the t-shirt from the Capcom site MvC3 pre-order. When you check out, you don’t get an option to select a shirt size and there are no input boxes to type any comments for your order. A lot of people are probably wondering what the shirt size is.

I wrote to Customer Service and found out.

From the SRK news comments, it seems people might assume it is sized XL, but I confirmed it to be Large. Perhaps this will be the deciding factor for you to order it through Capcom’s site or not.

I wear medium, but I can deal with large. I was going to use my Amazon Prime account and get free 2-day shipping and exclude tax, but now I found myself shilling out that tax monies and taking a slow delivery for the shirt.

Anyway, happy shoppings.


Thanks! I was wondering about this.


thanks for the 411. :slight_smile: