MvC3 Prep?


Since this board is fairly quiet these days (prob due to the focus on Marvel 3), I just wanted to gauge how everyone is prepping for the game.

Its fairly obvious that MvC3 takes a lot of cues from TvC, so is anyone working how some characters work, and seeing/planning to test how they work/transition in MvC3?

So far, we have: Ryu, Chun Li, V.Joe, Zero

Some characters have move that resemble Attacks from TvC characters, but I’ll leave that aside.


how could you forget about zero?


Because I’m forgetful. I block out mental images which have mentally wounded me =P.

Making that edit now.


Been playing a lot of TvC/MvC2 over the past few weekends, but at this point there’s no real way for me to “prep” for MvC3 besides… obtaining and playing MvC3. :3

Because fuck Zero, that’s why. Unless they make [media=youtube]LISmPmdUhYA[/media] into his death cry.


. He’s in the game. Prepare to get owned by me everybody.


PTX is now the marvel overlord


I find TvC will give us a head start against other MvC players who were too stubborn to pick up TvC (or didn’t have a Wii).

But in all honesty, there are some KEY differences. MvC3 is faster and waaay more broken. So we can’t play the same way. MvC3 pretty much killed all elements of meter management so now players are highly rewarded for tossing out supers every few seconds and chipping people to death.