MvC3 problems. Execution, memory, nervousness

I know the game is new, but when I play, I just forget everything. I sat in training mode for about 3 hours, get in a real match, and forget all of the combos and stuff I learned. I just feel mashy and horrible, which is bad because I play other fighting games and I’m not like that at all. I see other people really far ahead of me and that gets discouraging too. I guess I just get nervous in the middle of a match, or it’s lack of experience in a new game. My question is, how do I get over this nervousness and combo dropping? Play more in real matches? Grind more training mode? I’m lost.

Also, I play Tron, X-23, and Morrigan. I have no idea what to do with any of these characters half the time. I approach with jumping hard with Tron, but other than that and drill, I have no clue how to get in. Same with X-23 and Morrigan. I need a tutor or something for this game or something. I skipped MvC2 so I’m just really lost.

Ok, really, you have to get over the nervousness BEFORE you learn combos. You have to be able to comfortably play the game and punish mistakes. THEN you sit in training mode and learn combos. Magic series which a 5 year old could do will do you just fine until you’re ready for anything more.

For now, go into training mode with your team, and cycle through the characters until you learn all their normals and specials and have them down pat, and know what each of them is good for. Then go online or preferably play against a friend IRL and learn how to use them in a match. Once you can calmly do that and recognize how to use them, THEN go back into training mode and start learning different combos for different situations, 2 at a time is probably best, and then back to matches to learn to apply them.

The key with training mode is do NOT burn yourself out in it. It can get your execution down, but landing said combos on a real opponent is much more difficult. I wouldn’t spend more than 2 hours tops in training mode at a time. Ever.

you have to practice you combos for way longer than 3 hours. try 3 days.

they need to be something you do without thinking about them.

Adding onto this, you can build combos a little at a time. For example, I use Hazama in BlazBlue. His BnB combo can be broken down into Approach->Launch+Drive->Air Series. Because I’m still learning how to use him, I cut out the second part. It still does decent damage, but there’s less chance of dropping.

I agree that it’s good to know what each character’s specials are good for. If you recognize those situations you’ll be able to remember them.

Once you practice your training mode combos on a dummy, practice it on an easy - normal CPU. This will teach you how to incorporate setups into your combo. Also note that the computer doesn’t fall for mixups/crossups like a human would, so if you can get your shit to land on a computer decently then you should be ok. It’s easy to play against a dummy but against an easy-normal CPU that fights back you can take it to the next level.

there’s a difference between the computer & a human. Training mode is fine, but when “you get in the hot seat” online…that’s a different story. Get some more experience online & hopefully, you won’t get nervous/drop combos.