MvC3 Sentinal + Doom assist help

My team is Zero/Dante/X-23

Playing against a Sentinal is always scary for me. All of my characters can get that initial hit in, but they only do 550~600k per combo. Unless its in a corner and the order is specifically Dante-X-23-Zero I can’t get all three hypers off. So I tend to need three combos (or two with lots of meters used for chip) to take out Sentinal. While two of my chars only have 800k health which is one corner combo for a Sentinal. Not to mention I rarely have full health when he gets a clean hit in even it is mid-screen.

Anyways this is all fine and dandy because I enjoy the fact that my characters are fast and can attack pretty safely making that initial hit normally easy. But OMG Sent+Dat Doom assist. I just can’t touch him. I take so much tick dmg just from Doom’s missiles and its difficult to do anything but block.

Any tips?