MVC3, SF3 online, SF X Tekken, MK9. SSF4?

With all these new releases do you guys think the majority of players will still be playing ssf4? Will ssf4 still be “the” big game after these are released?

A larger percent of SFIV players consist of people who would easily be swayed by having dream matches between their favorite superheroes, or by over the top gore.

All of the games will stand alone among competitive fighting game players, but all of them except 3S Online will steal casual, “new to fighting games” players from SSFIV just by being newer.

Although the new characters in SSFIV might combat that.

Hey man, I dunno! But the moment MK9 is released I’m buying that shish!

It’s not as if they’re all coming out at once. There’s room for all of them.

Why is there no mention of KOF XIII when talking about upcoming fighters? :’(

Hasn’t been announced for console or US release while the others all have. Obviously.