MvC3: "She only resembles your mother" The Trish Thread

that is pretty cool technology. Im wondering what other hyper combos let you do that. Im gonna see if I can do that with viper/trish

I use Wesker/Trish/Akuma right now still experimenting only one reset into his grab. But does anyone know any tricks for this two character as in assits as well? Any suggestions?

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Question: What are the exact properties on the traps for trish.
Reason: Whenever i do my corner setup with trish on incoming oppenents i lay both traps and then after the oppenent blocks both they fall to the ground and while they are coming in i do air dash S and it ALWAYS lands…im wondering if the traps force the oppenent into a crouching state on airblock for a brief few frames? Any help would be appreciated with this

Skrull is pretty predictable in his approach. From full screen he’s going to try and dash across with an assist of teleport punch, so in either case super jumping to the opposite side of the screen a few times will make him think twice about a whiff teleport to the other side.

Also her round harvest and lvl 3 will auto correct to Skrull teleporting, so make him respect Trish with a few meters.

In the interest of having the UMvC3 character threads be as awesome as possible, I am posting here to offer up my current Ultimate Dormammu Thread as a base skeleton to anyone who intends to manage a character thread, or something similar, in Ultimate. It is currently stripped of information, and will remain so until about a week before release. I am not attempting to toot my own horn, but rather offer to others what took me quite a bit of work to do, so that those who would rather not spend the time on such things do not have to.

I have received a lot of compliments to-date about the structure, and a few people have requested permission to use its structure for UMvC3, so I thought I would go around and make the offer to others who might not be aware that someone out there has already done the grunt work for them (haha). Because I am posting this in all the character forums, and this is time consuming on its own, I have not taken the time to check for how developed the thread I am posting on current is. Thus, I ask that no one be offended at my suggestion if your character forum is well constituted already - I mean no intrusion upon your methodologies!

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I have a question about trish. Does her peekaboo assist go away if the opponent hits it with a projectile?

I play Trish, but I use hopscotch mostly, and I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to look it up. Thanks.

Yes, it does go away if the opponent hits it.

It seems we caught some of that Anti-Phoenix shrapnel. Thoughts?

It says their names and not only perform 1 action per jump. So maybe you can no longer do Hopscoth>Hopscoth or that you will have to double jump in between each trap.

That’s what I’m hoping. If not then 1 special action per jump is pretty lame.

well that sucks, but thanks.

I think her keep away is going to suffer a little bit from being able to do just one of each per jump.

Fairly certain that it means you can’t do Hopscotch > Hopscotch > Hopscotch. I think you can still throw out 3 total separate traps over the course of one jump.

Notice it didn’t mention Low Voltage, Sign Switch, Max Voltage or Flight (her other air ‘specials’).

There were some situations where multiple Hopscotches was nice, but multiple Peekaboos and multiple Round Trips were just greedy and unlikely. Overall, not a big deal IMO.


Trish standing H beats disrupter??

I think she called her own Magneto disrupter assist and they canceled one another out.

If you watch the portraits in the top left, shortly after that situation, her assists come back on line in the order of Wesker and then Magneto, meaning he got called.

Very unlikely situation, but there it is :smiley:

Yeah. That confused me for a bit too. But you can hear the assist being called.

Just shows how good disrupter is that you need another disrupter to properly nullify it. grumble goddamned magnus grumble

Did you guys tune in to the Curleh Mustache tournament series? Jago made a great showing. Watching Jago melting face at the tournament was great.

I do have a question ( and I am sure this is a mix of me still being on the lower end of competitive play and not using Trish’s flight mode much) does Trish get additional air dashes in flight mode? I saw Jago cover almost the whole screen quickly in what seemed to be air dashes in flight mode. Is there a trick to this or have I missed out on this aspect of Trish’s air mobility?

You get infinite air dashes while in flight mode. Just plink air dash or repeatedly up-forward and down-forward air dash.

Sweet. Can’t wait to try that when I get home tonight. Thanks!

Trish’s new alt, credit to TheDarkPhoenix

Man, I wish I could remember who it was that argued with me forever about how this costume was 100% unfeasable.