MVC3 song Intro before finals

Does anyone know where I can find that song?? Kinda sounded like Eminem, haha.

it’ll probably be on redrapper’s youtube channel soon (at least i think he produced it)

Alright thanks! ^~^

Expect an official upload soon.

Thanks! It’s awesome just to watch that shit again haha. Almost happy they messed up the PS3s when I was there and could watch it twice lol

I don’t get how he sounds like eminem :lol:

You definitely aren’t the first to make the comaprison.

It’ll be up tonight guys. Extended cut around 1:45. Give props to Seth Mussey too for putting that video together. I feel confident in my editing skills untl I see him completely blow me out of the water with his abilities.

Glad you guys liked the song too. =)

Yipes’ part better not be wack. I liked ur flow it was badass.

Yipes is on the EVO theme song. Not the Haggar remix =( And Yipes is sick. I heard him drop some pretty sick lines after 2K10.

Doppppppe, I’m excited for it man! ^~^