MvC3 Spammers

So I bought this game and noticed there are a lot of spammers the most annoying ones are sentinel as a lead and doctor doom assist I think some guy got 2nd place on the 360 just by pressing heavy down heavy doctor doom hidden missile assist over and over. How do I deal with this bullshit? Also what is the best non-custom made arcade stick for MvC3?

That’s Projectile Spamming, “MVC3 Spamming” is something else…all sticks are the same given that they all have the same parts.

Thanks for the useful reply…

Don’t mention it. Btw you want to avoid labelling things as bullshit. analyze what they’re doing, replicate it in training mode, and then find way to work around it.

theres no such thing as spam.

SJ/Airblock in (character allowing)
Teleport in
use character specific projectile avoiding tools
counter projectile fight; sent’s gets beat by several character’s ranged game
use beam super to rape assist when it gets called

Read the stickys.

Wow this website has a horrible community full of Egotistic elitist and people who think holding block wont just have you chiped to death.

Not surprising about the community given when I was looking at pro tournaments and stuff the marvel community seems like garbage, but let’s put that aside. So I should get the SSFIV TE Madcatz fight stick yes?

Well, that’s fighting games for you. You shouldn’t really be upset about it as these things are usually easier to deal with than it may seem currently. Just opt a counter strategy. If you’re a good enough player, you should be able to learn how to get around it. It’s a lot easier to deal with in games like SSFIV but because MVC3 is at a much faster pace and things are flying around on the screen all the time, this will be a lot more difficult.

Just try not to overthink it. They’re just on auto pilot, so just develop a counter strategy

Any TE stick will work just fine. I didn’t get the SSFIV/SFIV stick because they were sold out but if it says “Tournament Edition” then you should be fine.

There’s a reason why professional players don’t cry about “spamming.” If you lose to a mindless strategy, that’s because you’re an idiot incapable of thought. Seriously, if you know EXACTLY what you’re fighting against and the best thing you can do is call it annoying spammy bullshit, then you deserve to be criticized.

The way you deal with spamming is you either outzone the other guy or rush him down so he can’t spam you from full screen. Let’s say I’m going against Arthur spamming daggers with Sent assist. I either Ryu Metsu Hadouken them or I super jump, air dash, dive down and get close. Good zoning characters generally suck at close range.

The first thing you should when you ask questions like this is to post your current team.

a lot of my close friends “projectile spam” just like you said, sent/doom or artheur dormamu etc etc.
dont really think people are being elitist when they say just learn to counter it or search bla bla bla.

they’re just right. now if you want more tips in how to do these things personally my GT on xbox is Housetek85 im always down to train.

i recommend trying out some teleport characters such as weskar or dante, they have decent hp and are pretty quick and basic.

i also recommend learning how to air dash, wave dash, and advance guarding.

learn to read moves, if there doing the same stuff over and over again they’re just very predictable. you have to keep learning multiple strategies to counter it.

Say a doom sent combo is doing hidden missles and neutralizing shot spamming and your suck in a corner.
You use dantes teleport (d.d.atk) and end up behind them then combo. and you think to your self YES i got a way around it.
Well like any good player they will also learn and predict your tactic in gettin out of their strategy. Form multiple strategies and mix it up. Balance your team out and learn to punish their mindless button mashing.

If you think some one sucks cuz they are beating you with such cheese tactics and your even worse for not figuring out how to counter it.

on live your gona see alot of projectile spam and wait til you start to go against Super skrall, chung li players.

or characters who can do a combo loop 3-4 times in a row.

they’re all strategies and tactics, just learn them and teach your self how to counter every thing

As far as fight sticks, i got a cheapo Hori fight stick for like 50 bucks with Tekken 6 then sold the game back for credit.

I also have a Mvc3 TE fight stick basically the same as any other TE madcatz produces, with sanwa parts and very easily customized with tons of youtube and thread tutorials in how to change buttons and artwork.

you really get what you pay for, my Tekken stick has been in use for like 2-3 weeks and already starting some joystick wiggle and buttons sticking.

Ive played on my Rnd 2 Fight stick for a while and holds up great, and i got mvc3 te fight stick which is pretty much the same thing wit new art.

I have 2 te’s cuz when friends come over to train they dont have to lug their own TE’s around and dont have to use the crappy Hori stick.

The hori stick wasnt bad when i first got it but its wireless and runs on batteries and i put a beating on fight sticks, and i had the battery die during a live match.

having lived in Tokyo for 2 years and used a lot of the arcades there i do not think the TE sticks feel “japanese” like a lot of people claim.

although very good sticks i find that the buttons have less resistance to your average japanese arcade set up and the joystick feels less stiff.

Im not sure exactly what parts japanese arcades use in their machines but i mostly played sc4/mvc2/sf4/kof and guilty gear when i lived there.

Thanks for all the responses guys, as for the guy who asked who my team was it’s Wesker, Iron Man and Dante I know I can try to get in close with Wesker and samurai edge into air s crouching combo etc or just duck under a high heavy from sent and punish with a super. As for Dante I know about teleporting behind sent but the hidden missiles seem to appear almost all the time I am behind sentinel… As for Iron Man I’m not sure what to do except super jump and try to get in close to combo… Am I doing it right? I do all that stuff and I still get beat, maybe I’ll kill sentinel but my team would all be battered to death from the chip damage it received and then the guy will finish me off with doctor doom/whoever else he’s using.

TE sticks are fine. The best options IMO are Seimitsu and Sanwa although I don’t like Seimitsu buttons. It depends on the game too.

TrueElements- Feel free to generalize.

check out maximiillian’s videos, he uses that same team. perhaps you were inspired by him. i’m sure he fights sentinel, take a look at the strategies he does by analyzing the video every 5 seconds or so to see what was the point of the move he did, and do your best to incorporate this strategy

from my limited personal experience, if he just cornered himself and spams projectiles, and you are long range, you can try a calculated and slow approach with neutral jumps and blocking, and when you get closer then call an assist to cover you as you go for a high low mixup (ie. call an assist to cover you, then jump and air dash forward and attack high or air dash down forward to go for a low). keep in mind that if you hit him alot of combos are alot stronger in the corner, so if you guess right you should have a very strong corner specific combo prepared

if he really is just spamming projectiles over and over again you might be able to try a fullscreen punish with the proton cannon (do it right before you think he’s gonna shoot another laser), altho i heard it has slow startup so i’m not sure if this will work.

it’s trial and error baby. good luck

I recommend to use air-dash characters, and play safely, Mvc3 is a quick game, but you have to take your time to think what you are going to do, so then you are going to adapt to the fast pace thinking and become better, people, don’t cry, practice!

Multi / clone account radar is off the charts!!! This is his only post…? lol

Anyway, EVERY fighting game will have projectile spam. sf2 had sagat / ryu fireballs after all.

It isn’t just part of the game, it is part of the whole genre. Deal with it.