i’m selling my ps3 copy of mvc3 special edition for 50$. i’ve only played it a few times and the codes for the new characters are unused.

theres nothing wrong with the game, i just got accepted into my graduate program and i can’t have a copy of the game or i’ll end up wasting all my time on it ><

i live in orange county california. i only do transactions in person in cash.

There’s no way you’ll do paypal or shipping it?

I’m interested. What’s your preference for meetup?

I’ll take it if truck doesn’t, can come pick it up.

Sorry but i don’t ship.

to truck: you live in walnut? thats pretty far from me. i live in garden grove CA. i think its like an hour drive. if it’s too far for you then i think im gonna go with brighenne

brighenne: wheres your general location? usc?

I can meet you in Garden Grove. Know any good pho places you would want to meet at? Preferably serving ox tail soup.

yea i know alot of pho places. its like 3-4$ for a large bowl of pho. i can do tues/thurs/ and fridays early in the afternoon. you free any day next week?

Friday would be best. How about this weekend?

i could meet you this saturday but i can’t stay and eat with you on saturday. if you dont mind i can just go by and drop the game off

the restaurants name is quan vy.

13861 Brookhurst St
Ste C
Garden Grove, CA 92844

^ thats the address. its right next to a target so you cant miss it.

heres targets address

13831 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 534-2142 ?

Yeah! Do they have ox tail? Drop off is fine, what time is best for you?

im 95% sure they have oxtail soup. i know most of their pho is 50% off (like 3-4$)

i can drop it off at about 3. im gone all morning and all night.

ill pm you my number

Got your pm, replying