MvC3 sprite team av request

Just as the title states, I want a new premo av with my (hopefully) main MvC3 team, in sprite form.

Super Skrull:
Sentinel: Sentinel sprite image by EarthstompGiant on Photobucket


  1. If possible, I’d like them all to have their orange colors (Sent is a given since I posted his Mango-ness lol). If not, no big.
  2. Skrull was the hardest for me to find a good sprite for, and the closest was a .gif. If that can’t work, lemme know.
  3. I’d like it in that order from right to left, with Task in front of Sent in front of Skrull.
  4. Whoever is able to do this, me love you long time. :woot:


One thing I forgot to add was that I’d like my handle on there (again, if possible).