MvC3: Strong teammates to pair with Akuma



Use this thread to explore possible synergies between Akuma and the rest of the cast.

Taskmaster/Akuma/Sentinel is so good. Taskmaster is a nasty zoner with his arrows coupled with Sentinel’s assist. He builds a lot of meter for Akuma and Sentinel and sets up easy and powerful DHC combinations. Akuma on point with Sentinel’s assist creates a nice little mix up after you kill an opponent and they have a new character jumping in if you wave dash under them after firing off Sentinel’s assists so the drones hit them from behind.

Anyways, discuss!


Sentinel is good for characters who want to spam beam or any projectiles from far away. Akuma can basically just play without assist, hes fast enough. You may want to get fast spam assist as a quick punish or find two other characters that you prefer overall instead of just assist. Now Juggernaut dash is something better then Sentinel.

What your saying is completely random. This experience your talking about is in your head not in a game. Your either good at games or you suck at them. Though I have used Akuma in both Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom 2.


One thing I need to mention is you used your experience with Akuma in SF4 as a reason for you choosing him. Keep in mind that your SF4 experience with him will be useless when it comes to Marvel.


Like someone said, I think Akuma can support himself without an assist, as far as getting in. Assist that help him do damage or create mixups are probably a great idea, like getting an overhead assist or low hitting/otg assist, maybe both.

Other than that, Doom/Amaterasu seem like great assist characters, and probably Chun legs too.


Yeah, I was thinking Dante/Jam Session and Chun/Legs for a potential team. Jam Session still looks like a nice anti-air, and, can also be used to build combos. Legs should help keep them lock down for shenanigans. Don’t know what niche Akuma gonna fill, but, if Tatsu assist isn’t as good as the MVC2 version I might just go dive kick. In theory, each character should be able to help the team out in one way or another. Not to mention, seem like each character can handle themselves if force to go solo. Just hope this end up as solid as it is in my head.


I believe Akuma will need to rely a little more on some assists for some match ups. He doesn’t have any sort of air dashing. So there’s definitely going to be some effective hit & run strategies against Akuma if he can’t reach them with projectiles.


I’m thinking Wesker (low shot assist) might be a decent pick to set up unblockables. Also Maximum Wesker looks like a really safe (and tricky) DHC option.


Nah, his spinning kick works just fine. The only problem is dealing with players who hide behind assist to the point your better off just spamming chip damage.


I’ve been thinking about my team being Akuma/ wesker pretty much for these points. Though my third? Thinking maybe Doom for rocks for getting/covering my ass. That or go wild and have amertsu (cold star) or hsien ko (gong). Thoughts?


Well if you guys are right and he doesn’t need to really rely on assists, and if I want to keep Sentinel still, I guess I gotta figure out a good team member for Sentinel and one that still works well with Akuma. Maybe Thor or some other high HP character to keep taking the pressure off of Akuma. I wonder how Thor and Sentinel play together… Seth Killian uses them together, so they’ve gotta have some synergy.

So do any characters have potential for easy high damage off of Akuma’s hypers with a DHC? Do the projectile DHCs like Deadpool and Dante’s guns combo off of the fireballs for instance?


Akuma isn’t a character very good at spamming, not in MvC anyways, but if you must keep Sentinel then use rocket punch would be useful or if you use the slow projectile assist make sure to jump in the air ready to use your super downwards.


I’m not sure I meant spamming really. Although connecting off a punishing full screen hyper might be nice, I mainly meant after the bnb launcher into air fireball barrage, are there characters (like Sentinel’s big electro sphere, I forget what it’s called… does that work?) that can continue that damage? I’m not stuck on Sentinel he just seems well-rounded and very versatile and a strong teammate for taking the heat off Akuma, or any character for that matter.

It’s that third slot that’s throwing me off now. Can’t decide between Thor/Hulk/Dr. Doom/Trish/X-23/Iron Man or anyone else that seems to complement both Akuma and Sentinel.

Edit: I’ve been thinking about Akuma/Wesker/Sentinel lately. Wesker’s low assist would probably set up some nice combos with Akuma’s divekick shenanigans, and his Maximum Wesker hyper looks like it could DHC off of Sent’s and Akuma’s hypers, right? His teleports give him mobility like Akuma to combat projectile spammers. Has anybody tried Wesker or X-23’s low assists to combine with Akuma’s mixups in the corner? Seems like it has potential.


So far, I’ve been happy with Akuma (B: Tatsu)/X-23 (Y: Anti-Air)/Dr. Doom (Y: Molecular Shield)
I’ve also messed with Sentinel but meh…


Care to elaborate at all? I’m wondering about how those characters interact with Akuma assist-wise and DHC-wise. I’m also interested in your Sentinel combination experience and the “meh” =)


I was just looking for all around utility assists and mainly something to help close the gap so doom’s was great for that. I just started messing with the different teams with buddies but so far it’s been working well for me. Sentinel wasn’t fitting my rushdown style that much. As far as DHC’s I’m liking air fb super to dooms sphere flame. I’ll give more feedback as I find stuff lovin’ it though


I was thinking Akuma/Sent/Phoenix or Akuma/Wesker/Phoenix.

Neither akuma nor wesker/sentinel rely heavily on meter since they can do a shitload of damage anyways…so you can save the 5 meters for when phoenix gets killed. Will give it a try as soon as i get the game


I was thinkering with something around akuma/x/phoenix for the same reasons. Lately I’ve really had my doubts about x-23 in my team. I love akuma/doom(y) but I’m leaning towards iron man with repulsor blast or some otg/trap combo and also it makes the team tankier. Wesker and sent make great assists but just doesn’t fit me.


Personally, even though watching that Dark Phoenix video was impressive, I think I’d rather spend my hyper on some good ol’ raging demons or some late-game X-factored Sentinel rockets after a hit confirm. I’m still thinking Akuma/Sentinel/Wesker, though I’m still not 100% on Wesker. It seems like his Maximum Wesker comboability and low assist alongside his teleportation/movement capability make him a really good candidate, but Iron Man does look kind of nice too for the beams. Who knows! I’m hoping to see or hear more about Wesker’s viability in this combo. Sadly, the way everybody is talking it seems like Sentinel is one of those almost auto-include characters that most teams are going to include, so I’m relatively solid with picking him up at least for the initial tourney circuit.

I’m curious to know more about the raging demon properties and what kind of stuff it can go through. Does it go through hyper projectiles? THC? I love the demon and almost want to just have that as my hyper threat if it’s as good as it seems.


I haven’t read into the main Akuma thread about it, but if nothing’s there on SGS properties then it can be speculated here…

People with the game should be able to figure it out, but news hasn’t yet reached my ears. Is it a grab? does it grab like HDR or like SF4? is it simply a mobile version of a counter hyper like Weskers? do lockdown assists like Chun’s legs set-up free Demons? can you Demon them as they come in from having a team mate KO’d? can it be used to catch their assists?


It’s a grab and the most damaging hyper in the game at that. It’s fully invincible and rather quick, so, It can pretty much punish just about everything. I don’t have the game yet, but, that going off the info I know off the top of my head. I’m pretty sure you can’t touch an assist with it since grabs only work on the active character.