MvC3-Style Character Concepts


From the Wishlist threads of MvC3 comes more fantasy character movelists no longer limited to Marvel or Capcom characters. Will be doing random characters from any universe, and welcome discussion/disagreement with moves. Of course rock your own movelists if you wish, or request one.

Past Concepts:

Ken Masters
Scott Sommers
Sheva Alomar
Avatar Aang

Up next: Simone (Gurren Lagann)!

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DLC Alt:



Command Normals:

Special Moves:

Hyper Moves:



Wonder Woman

Colors: Default (red/blue), Artemis (white/gold), Warrior Princess (black/gold), Injustice League (red/black)
DLC Alt: Modern ‘Street’ Attire

“You sure about this, little man?”
“Face the might of the Amazons!”
“Hera help me…”


Wonder Woman’s Amazonian battle prowess reveals itself as she focuses on landing hard hits when up close. She wants to get in your face and combo you into oblivion, and has a few tools to help her do just that. The bane of a rushdown character is the keepaway character, but Diana’s bracelets can deflect most projectiles. She can also fly and/or use 8-way air dash to close in around obstacles. Her lasso may surprise opponents who get too comfortable out of her optimum range.

Command Normals:

Elbow Smash: :f:+:m: (Overhead)

Sliding Low Kick: :df:+:m: (Low) (Jump-Cancelable)

Bracelet Clap: :b:+:h: (Dizzy)

  • Cannot special/hyper cancel.

Special Moves:

Soaring Punch: :qcf:+:atk:

  • A two-hit melee attack where Diana flies in a determined direction.
    :l: Forward SP: The forward moving variation. Flies over low attacks. Cancels into air dash.
    :m: Anti-Air SP: The ‘dragonpunch’ variation. The only version that hits once, but also cancels into air dash.
    :h: Vertical SP: The vertical rising variation. Cancels to air normals. Cancels to air dash.
    j.:l: Aerial Forward SP: Cannot cancel to air dash, can cancel to air normals.
    j.:m: Dive SP: Stuns on hit.
    j.:h: Bomber SP: Ground bounce on aerial opponents only. Soft knockdown on standing opponents. (OTG)

Bracelet Deflect: :dp:+:atk: (Counter vs Projectiles)

  • Special counter against projectiles (specials only). Counters up to five hits or until duration of animation. There is no counter-attack to the move, but can be a better option than blocking normally and risking chip damage. Special/hyper cancelable.
    :l: Deflection: Deflects projectile attacks while standing.
    :m: Retreating Deflection: Walks backward during deflection stance.
    :h: Aggressive Deflection: Walks forward during deflection stance.

Princess Elbow Drop: :d::d:+:h: (OTG)

  • Follow-up melee attack that extends combos.

Amazonian Backflip: :atk:+:s:

  • Special movement that passes through opponents for cross-up opportunities. Vulnerable to projectiles and melee. Hold input for added flips. Only goes forward.

Magic Lasso: :hcb:+:atk:…:b:/:f: (Grab) (Unblockable)

  • Special throw with considerable range. Swings opponents toward one of two directions (forward or back). Hold any button to twirl lasso and delay the attack, which also adds Wall Bounce to the throw if it connects.
    :l: Forward ML: Forward attempt. Half screen range.
    :m: Anti-Air ML: Anti-Air attempt. Half screen range.
    :h: Full Forward ML: Forward attempt. Over half screen range. Longer recovery.

Flight: :qcb:+:s:

  • Lasts 3 seconds.

Hyper Moves:

Maid of Might: :dp:+::atk::atk:

  • Forward moving multihit gymnastic combo.

Tiara Toss: :qcf:+:atk::atk: (Invulnerable Start-Up)

  • Forward moving singlehit projectile.

Lvl3 Amazons Attack!: :qcb:+:atk::atk: (OTG)

  • Diana gestures toward the opponent, and a rain of spears fall from the sky.

Bracelet Clap: [Instant] (Dizzy)
Soaring Punch: [Direct] :f:
Elbow Drop: [Direct] :df: (OTG)


Nice concepts, but I dont think these belong here


Yeah I imagined that… Perhaps the Fan-Fiction forum? It is a lot of writing, I guess. Is there any authority that can help?


Im sure Rook could give you the right-away. I like ken’s and 'Clops moveset by the way


Thanks, a lot more thought goes into it than “Hey this would be cool!” Doing Avatar Aang next. Hopefully this thread will be moved to the right place by then!


Avatar Aang

Colors: Default (beige/salmon), Earth Nation (brown/green), Water Tribe (blue/white), Fire Nation (red/dark brown)
DLC Alt: Season 3 Final Battle Monk Attire

“After this, let’s play some games!”
“I don’t want to fight you…”
“I could use Roku’s guidance right about now.”
“Gotta catch me first!”


What you see is a little monk boy, what you get is a powerful beast of a character with tools and answers for everything. While not excelling at any one play style, he does offer many options for players. Like Dante, he can be interpreted in a number of ways due to his versatility. His four Bending Arts divide into exclusive uses, Water Bending for defense, Fire Bending for offense, Earth Bending for zoning, and Air Bending for mobility. Aang can satisfy any play style on the fly.

Command Normals:

Air Scooter Dash: :b:/:f:+:atk::atk: or :b::b:/:f::f:

  • Can dash full screen.

Air Dash: j.:b:/:f:+:atk::atk: or :b::b:/:f::f:

Double Jump: j.:u:

  • Can be done up to three times.

Glider Descent: Hold :u:

  • Slows his descent with his glider. Can cancel into air normals and Glider Dive. Note: rather than fall in a controlled descent, Aang falls in a spiral pattern until he lands or you cancel into an attack. His position will alternate between being closer or farther from the opponent (or in front or back if descending from atop). This slight limitation must be considered when doing the move.

Staff Slam: :f:+:h: (Overhead)

  • Slow but strong overhead attack that can be combo’d into, but not cancelable into anything.

Glider Dive: j.:d:+:m:

  • Aang rides his glider downward for a quick strike.

Aang Dance: Taunt Button

  • Hold to extend duration.

Special Moves:

Air Bending Kata: :d::d:+:s: (Stance)

  • Aang performs a short martial arts kata that makes certain Air Bending techniques available. These moves do not cause damage, but does force movement. Start-up animation is not safe or fast, so be careful. Most do not hitstun.
    :qcf: Gust: Pushes opponent away; quarter screen on block, halfscreen on ‘hit’, full screen on anti-air ‘hit’ (push values based on up close distance).
    :qcb: Draft: Draws opponent near; always quarter screen on ground, half screen on anti-air ‘hit’ (push value based on full screen distance).
    :dp: Twister: This deals a stun effect (Soft Launch), it lifts opponents into a juggle state over Aang’s head. Jump cancelable. Range is comparable to Dante’s Tempest.

Geyser: :dp:+:l: (Invulnerable Start-Up)

  • Aang lifts a column of water before him, defending against air attacks.

Wave: :b:…:f:+:l: (Low)

  • Aang summons a small wave of water along the ground that that travels half screen.

Water Whip: :qcb:+:l: (Overhead)

  • A coil of water circles Aang around his body and finally over his head before coming down in front of him. Hits twice up close. Kinda slow, but has two follow-ups.
    :qcb:+:l: Water Nine-Tails: Immediate follow-up cancels the overhead strike for three more hits for knockdown.
    :hcf:+:l: Ice Spears: Immediate follow-up cancels any one of the three hits of Nine-Tails into four projectiles that fly out in separate directions (:f:, :b:, :uf:, and :ub:).

Stone Levitation: :qcf:+:m: (OTG)

  • Aang lifts a stone in front of him. Left alone it can block melee and projectile attacks (single hit only). Aang cannot move during this time. If it doesn’t crumble from attack it will fly as a forward projectile automatically. Unless…
    :f:+:m: Forward Launch: Shoots stone forward quickly.
    :b:+:m: Anti-Air Launch: Shoots stone upward.
    :u: Elevation: Lifts stone in a higher position. During animation you can launch it forward (:f:+:m:) or back down as a diving projectile (:b:+:m:). You may also do nothing and regain normal control of Aang, while the stone falls a moment later as an environmental hazard. It will break into pieces upon falling this way (see ‘Environmental Bending’ below).

Stone Surprise: :qcb:+:m: (OTG)

  • Aang summons a stone behind the opponent and draws it as a reverse projectile. Before it hits as a projectile, it can cause damage rising out of the ground if the opponent was backdashing. Note: not only is Aang in a lengthy kata during this, but if the opponent makes no physical contact with the stone, it will fly over and hit Aang instead (Dizzy). Hitting Aang will at least leave small rocks on the ground (see ‘Environmental Bending’ below).

Earth Swim: :dp:+:m:

  • Aang dives into the ground and reappears halfscreen forward from his original position. Hold :m: to delay reappearance. He reappears in a hop to that cancels into air normals, or dash. Delaying the move will cause small rocks to appear with Aang out of the ground (see ‘Environmental Bending’ below).

Burning Fist: :qcf:+:h: (Chain up to three times) (Hard Knockdown)

  • A forward punch that creates a ball of flame that moves forward in front of Aang. Flame only travels short range. Re-enter input up to two times which moves Aang forward and produces greater flame hitbox. Only third hit in the chain causes Hard Knockdown. Cancels into other Fire Bending attacks (see below).

Flame Sweep: :qcb:+:h: (Low) (Soft Knockdown)

  • Low sweep with fire shooting from the foot, extending the range of a normal sweep. Can be done after Burning Fist 2. Can also cancel into Burning Fist 1, for a potential loop.

Fire Ring: :dp:+:h: (Overhead) (Ground Bounce) (Air-OK)

  • Aang does a short leap forward while spinning his burning arms clockwise. The attack’s hitbox envelops Aang entire top half, and hits multiple times before landing. It Ground Bounces aerial opponents. Can be done after Burning Fist 1, and can cancel into Flame Sweep.

Fire Bending Loop Table:

  • This is a clear list showing how the above Fire Bending attacks can loop into each other:
    Burning Fist 1 > Burning Fist 2 > Burning Fist 3
    Burning Fist 1 > Fire Ring
    Burning Fist 2 > Flame Sweep
    Fire Ring > Flame Sweep
    Flame Sweep > Burning Fist 1

Hot Shots: j.:h::h::h:… (OTG)

  • While in the air Aang punches directly below him sending fire balls down. The fire rate is fast, but he cannot do anything after the move but descend to the ground.

Environmental Bending Arts System: :rdp:+:s: (Counter)

  • Aang performs a quick general kata that turns his immediate area into a counter zone. Certain moves and items within this range (roughly in front, behind, and over his head) are ‘bended’ under his control and quickly unleashed against the opponent. This can also be used to negate certain trap moves. Does not work on hypers, however. Experiment to see what effect Aang’s environmental bending will have on certain moves, especially if an opponent uses an element Aang can bend. Here’s some examples:
    Loose Rocks: Left behind from some of Aang’s Earth Bending specials. They will levitate and fly forward, the more rocks on the ground the more space they cover.
    Fire Traps: Moves like Chris or Dorm’s fire traps will be absorbed and launched as forward projectiles. Of course it removes the trap doing so.
    Lightning Redirection: A risky technique against electric projectiles; Aang absorbs the attack, and you must follow up with :f:+:s: to release it, or you take damage.
    Stone Reversal: If a move like Doom Rocks or Tron’s Stone Throw comes into range, Aang will capture the projectiles and launch them back in the same manner.
    Elemental Melee Negation: If a character has a melee move with an elemental effect (like Viper’s Burn Kick or Ken’s Shoryuken), Aang’s EB will negate one hit of the the move (but not a multihit move).
    …And more!: Please experiment to see what possible advantages Aang may have against a character!

Hyper Moves:

The Dancing Dragon: :qcf:+:atk::atk: (Invulnerable Start Up)

  • Aang performs a close range strike that, if it connects, ensues an animation of him performing the entire Dancing Dragon form as a multihit combo.

Hey Momo!: :dp:+:atk::atk: (Grab) (Unblockable)

  • Aang leap-frogs over the opponents head and his pet Momo appears. As Momo remains on screen he flies around the opponent’s head, reversing their movement controls. Lasts 6secs.

Lvl3 Avatar State: :qcb:+:atk::atk:

  • Aang transforms into the ultimate form of the Avatar. While this state grants Aang new attacks and movement, he loses his default moveset and the ability to built meter. It lasts 7secs. Note: Avatar State does not carry over tagged out.
    Constant Flight: Aang is constantly in flight mode, one merely needs to point in a direction and Aang will float. It is only slightly faster than other characters’ flight modes, however.
    Orbiting Rocks: Rocks orbit Aang’s body during this period, inflicting damage until they run out. If Aang returns to normal before they run out, they will remain as rock pieces for Environmental Bending.
    :l: Ice Blades: Blades of ice circle Aang for a moment, then disperse as small short range projectiles.
    :m: Rock Release: Aang shoots one of his orbiting rocks as a forward projectile. Can be rapid-fired for as many rocks as he has left, and is 8-way directional.
    :h: Heat Wave: Aang waves his arm and creates a wall of fire in front of him, covering considerable space. (Wall Bounce)
    :s: Energy Bending: A grab that removes all stocked meters from the opponent. Slow start-up, and animation will likely spend Avatar State time unless done early. (Unblockable)

Geyser: [Direct] :uf:
Stone Launch: [Shot] :f:
Fire Ring: [Direct] :df:


I must say I like how color coded your Avatar Aang concept is :lol:.

However, for uniformity sake :coffee: I would consider 10 sec of avatar state, the carry over of avatar state into tag out, and his new assist would be from the attack that corresponds to his previous assist’s element. All in all :tup: I do like it. Now which other 2 benders (:sweat:…poor sokka) would you use to form team avatar?

I may have to follow suite and :rock: a few concepts as well.


I thought he was too powerful in Avy State so I made sure it was limited. Imagine the shenanigans with Avy State Aang as an assist!

If I were to do other Avatar characters, I’d make it interesting and use none benders. One would definitely be Mai (I love her), and Sokka would actually be interesting as well. He boomerang and ‘space sword’ might be nice. If I had to choose another bender, Azula easy. That crazy bitch is so Marvel.


honestly, this doesn’t really belong anywhere. It’s not Fan Fiction because there’s no fiction being written here.
At best it belongs in GD, since everything that doesn’t belong elsewhere goes in there.

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