MvC3, Super Turbo and Vampire savior gathering (japanese candy cabs)


Thinking about opening up the house sunday if there is some interest, I have MvC3, and Super Turbo and Vampire savior on arcade in a Sega New Astro City and Konami Windy cab. :china:

Location is in Burien, right past the airport exit on 518. If you are interested post up, if you need directions PM me or give me a call or text 253-886-0487. Respectful new people of all skill levels are welcome. :karate:

BTW all 3 of these games are going to be in tournaments at Battle for Seattle, so this is a great chance to practice.


Hey man, I got your txt - I’m probably down for this. What time on Sunday?


Anytime after noon is fine to show up! :tup:


Is that Windy City yours?

Man i still want that Astro…


Nope, but it’s probably going to be stored at my house at least 6 months until Gino moves into his gf’s uncle’s place he’s renovating to rent to them.

Sorry pare!


Bump, start time is at 1pm. In addition to MvC3 and ST and Vampitr Savior, Namdar is gonna bring his sfa3 board, so we can play that too. Someone please bring an xbox stick cus I only have 1. :tup:


MHC and I are heading out now.


Sorry, had to back out last minute. Lemme know when the next one is and I’ll roll.


Sorry I couldn’t make it, whole family got sick with some v. annoying stomach bug.


Fun games of MvC3, A3, and ST to be had tonight. Shoutouts to Airthrow for opening up his house, I’m looking forward to the next one.